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A select group of lawmakers view, a less redacted version, Monaco, Sarabi ABC news, Washington, Texas, trucker who say caused a deadly chain reaction crash in Colorado last week now faces forty charges including the Hitler manslaughter. Jefferson County DA, Peter we're the speed limit for commercial vehicle. That Mr. was operating a semi truck with a trailer was forty five miles an hour. He says the truck was going an estimated eighty five miles an hour on Wall Street today. Stocks finished higher after a stronger than expected, April jobs report. You're listening to ABC news. Doc, Ramento's number one, breaking news, traffic, and weather. I heart radio station. News ninety three point one KFI K. I'm John Burnett. Zia two zero two with your top local stories a suicidal man who threatened to jump from a freeway overpasses getting mental health evaluation after he finally surrendered to authorities. The roughly ten hour standoff on the Stockton boulevard overpass shut down both directions of highway ninety nine between MAC and Calvin roads yesterday afternoon. The highway finally reopened around one this morning the incident paralyzed the afternoon commute for thousands of drivers between Sacramento and elk grove Facebook. CEO Mark Zuckerberg is expanding his real estate portfolio to Lake Tahoe. The thirty four year old billionaire pay to total of fifty nine million dollars per to adjacent properties on the west shore. The Wall Street Journal says the purchases were secretly negotiated and closed a few months ago through a limited liability company and Thursday's big day of giving raised a record setting eight million dollars for more than six hundred nonprofit organizations, Linda beach Cutler of the Sacramento region..

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