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Org is a great place to start. And then I will mention two other things we have a crowd funding site for medical treatments that raises money for people who can't afford basic medical treatments, both domestically and abroad. And so if you're passionate about providing healthcare, you can make a direct donation and one hundred percent of the gift goes to one of our doctors to perform lifesaving medical treatment. And then as donor you get a report back on exactly where your money went. And lastly, if you're more interested in larger strategic philanthropy, we are raising a new investment in Somma to expand our work domestically overseas on the job creation front, and we're doing it through a loan called a program related investment. That donors can be part of. And so if they're interested in in participating in that you can go to our website Somma group dot co and leave us a message or Email us at info at some group dot co Lila, thank you so much was such a beautiful conversation yearn credible human being. I'm so thrilled. That were connected, and I can't wait to work with you for years and years and years to come and acquires, thank you so much now, Lila, and I would love to hear from you from everything we discussed today. What was the most significant thing that you're taking away? And why now as always the best discussions happen? After the episode so go on over to Marie Forleo dot com and leave a comment now, did you like this video if so subscribe to our channel, and I would be so grateful if you shared this one, especially this one with all your friends, and if you want even more great resources to create a business in life that you love plus some personal insights for me. I only get to talk about an Email come on over to Marie Forleo dot com and sign up for Email updates stay on your game and keep going for your dreams because the world needs that special gift that only you have thank you so much for watching. And I'll catch you next time on Marie TV. Thank you so much for listening in if you're into it. Subscribe leave review and tell your friends..

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