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Winds picking up across Arizona with a red flag warning going into effect. Gusts could reach 30 MPH expected high around 101 today, but tonight will drop to 70 for cooler morning Tomorrow. I'm ABC 15 Megan Thompson and at 5 33. It is 84 degrees in Apache Junction. Eyes on the economy of the US Census has named Phoenix, the fastest growing city in the country. Among the top 10 construction markets. Phoenix is the only A city where construction expenditures increased during the pandemic, Mayor Kate Diego says. Despite recent hardships, the city of Phoenix remains attractive for both builders and businesses they have. Phoenix currently has 18 cranes in downtown Phoenix. So the skyline is changing and growing residential areas Aaron the making alongside hotels, office complexes, as well as expansions from a issue Hallie. Better news for Arizona airports are splitting $31.1 million in federal Department of Transportation Grant Sky Harbor gets 21.7 Million of that for reconstruction of the apron. That's where the airplanes park Prescott and Winslow Lindbergh regional airports are sharing nearly $9 million for taxiway reconstruction. And Ryan Field Airport into Sun gets the rest for new weather reporting equipment. Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao says the money will get people back to work during the pandemic Peter same, or tens of thousands of airline employees expected to lose their jobs next month. A lot of people wondering if airlines will ever recover from the pandemic. Valley economist Jim Round says it's difficult for that industry to self correct if something were to collapse. I'm sure the government would step in because it's part of our commerce Jean, you know, distributing products, allowing people to move from one place to another. American Airlines plans to furlough or lay off 19,000 employees next month. A musical tribute night after night all summer long from a veteran with a message for many of us the stretch between Memorial Day and Labour Day might be a blur, but not for 77 year old veteran Peter Clarke of Bow, New Hampshire. That's.

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