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That was my thing too, is like, I took them both off for a second. And then wait, no, I actually did end up with having fouls off the list. My list guy, I was doing a lot of stuff right before we got on. Yeah, I think if you have EDD I think you kind of have to have thousands on there just for the honorary spot. And also there is the aspect, not that we're very sentimental in this podcast. But I kind of want Sylvia files to be a part of it to get that last all star nod, even though she probably isn't going to play. I mean, there's also even an extra level. Yeah, back in Chicago. Yeah. Yeah, so I think it'd be really cool. I wish you could play though, because yeah, if you could play for sure, I'd put her on there, but if she's not going to play, I can see the argument of not having her on there. Oh, and then here's the other thing, because I had ammo starting for a bit. Why can this over Kevin? Again, went back and forth on this one. I mean, Candace's level of play for such a long period of time in this league is quite high. I think misen is probably been the better player so far this season, but it's also perhaps the highest level that she's played at in the W so maybe want to see her do it for a full season before we quite put her at that level. But she's certainly been in all star player in this league a really important piece that Washington title team the Finals MVP. So again, just a hair behind the other two for me. Richard, did you not consider Emma? I mean, she's on my bench. I had Parker ahead. I think partly because she, she's more of the system in Chicago, in that she facilitates as well, whereas miserable is more of a traditional post player, more of a finisher, so Parker seems more involved in what they're doing when she's obviously played a couple of games less because she's had the injury recently. So I think you can certainly make the argument either way, but yeah, Parker was in for me and meet someone would have been on the bench. Okay, I think that's yeah. I was taking just like this year I was kind of just focused in. So I was like, yeah, Emma's been playing better, so I put out my player. But I think it's totally fair, especially at home. We kind of need Candace Parker in the game. And then I do want to talk about Brie Jones, but we've kind of gone a long time. So we'll get to free Jones when we talk about the reserves. Everyone cool with that? Yep. All right. Let's start with some reserves. I think we have some of the people you already mentioned. Richard, who is your fourth guard, by the way? No, no, no, I haven't. All right, so you reserve your reserve guards, give me your top three reserved guards. So then we can fill in that little niche there. Well, in the end I went with plum gray and escu. So my reserves, I would have four left on my so Atkins van der sloot, Lloyd Anna RICO gumbo would be my next four. I can sloop, Erika. Now we haven't talked about recap. I don't have a riquet on my team. Interesting. Why not? I mean, she's been extremely deficient this season. She keeps getting rejected. Yeah, I mean, it's not a fluke that she's been, but it kind of stands out more now that Alicia gray is playing better than her on offense. Like, do we really need a riquet to be taking all these bad shots? Now that Alicia gray is this good, they've got some decent front court options. Marina mabry, when she's been healthy, is more efficient. Like, I'm not sure that that's necessary in the same way it was her first couple of seasons in the league. Well, it's necessary from the standpoint that they just signed to the Mexican. And they definitely need her to be on the top of the scoring heap, but Richard, why is she in your all star team then? I mean, I get what Kevin is saying, obviously the inefficiency bothers me a lot of time as well, but she is still a call key to their offense and she does still produce. Remarkable level but an offensive player. It's not like none of these shots go in, even though she is Jack it up ridiculous. Shots from 25 feet with defenders in her face. A lot of them go in. And. What she does then drives a lot of what else they do because defenses do still have to pay a lot of attention to her. And we see a score in defenders also have to close out on her because of those shots and she's willing to go straight past them and quick enough to go straight past them. So yeah, I still think she has a case to be in this game, but there are two other perimeter players in Dallas who also have a case to be on.

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