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Philly for the tidbits about your life. Today i am an executive coach in southern california. I build mastermind groups for business owners. I create an advisory board for them. They're mostly privately. Held companies middle market businesses growing. And i bring them outside perspective and understanding for a group of peers who are running non-competitive businesses. That's my core business. That i do as well as i executive coach. Ceo's in business owners here in southern california yeah and for the listeners. Out there there's much more to to rick's bio including this idea that he is the ceo pure groups and what he's doing there. I'm personally. I'm very fascinated with that. One thing that big companies have is they have boards of directors and one thing that small company doesn't really make sense sometimes for medium size company to have a big powerful board of directors and also one thing that's changed a lot here in thailand and i think it's around the world is the liability for directors is very high and getting advisors on the other hand. Seems like a really smart thing to do now. I wanna ask you a specific question for my coffee. Business coffee works. We've been in business now for twenty five years. We've never set up a board of advisors. We've talked about it many many times. And if we came to sit down with you and said we know that you're an expert in this area. What would you say. How would you guide us or the listeners out there that do have businesses that are thinking about this well. There's a couple of different ways to go with that andrew as an executive coach. It's really understanding what your goals are. And what you've been able to accomplish and try to understand the gaps that you both have to great people running a successful business for twenty five years. You've obviously figured out a lot of it. But what i found. Sometimes what marshall goldsmith said. What got you here won't get you there and so you always have to be reinventing if you are open to an advisor..

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