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News. The value rally as the Sun's continue to rally the valley around two of the Western Conference playoffs start tonight in downtown Phoenix is his son's hosted Denver Nuggets tonight at seven with complete coverage on 98 7 FM Arizona Sports Station As Suns fans pull their flags and their sons, T shirts out of storage and dust them off, what do we need to do to beat the Nugzar? Well, there's only so much we not so athletically talented can do. But what can the actual sons do? I think well, Denver Nuggets center nickel of the Yokich is what everybody. He's what everybody is saying is going to be the M V p this year. And he's going to be the biggest issue for the sons. There's no doubting that he's averaged 26 points per game through his career in the playoffs, but he spent the first round of this playoffs. Scoring an average of 33 points per game in the Nuggets Series win against the Portland Trail Blazers. 33 points a night over six games. The pleasures couldn't stop them. The sons have to try now. But there really is no one like this Serbian monster of Yokich. Uh, few people have played as well against him, though. As Sun center DeAndre Ayton Their matchups have been really, um, very similar. The numbers back it up to, uh, yoke. It shot 13 of 34 while defended by DeAndre agents, so only shooting about 38%. So that's pretty good, and they scored about the same amount of points in their last six matchups. 24.8 points for eight and 24.3 for Yokich rebounds. Look about the same minutes per game. The only difference really happens to be the Yokich puts a lot more assists into the game for the Nuggets. So that that's the matchup to watch DeAndre, Ayton and Yokich Tonight. The Nuggets won two of three during the regular season against Phoenix, both in Phoenix. All three games were close. Here's what Devin Booker thinks about the matchup tonight. Really good teams, You know they're going to compete all the way through, and that's what you see with their group. Despite to Ma being injured, Obviously, you know one of their head honchos, You know, the team is still performing and performed. I'm late in the season, and I think the other question is how rested and how good is Chris Paul Going to be for the Sun's right? Here's coach Monty Williams with some encouraging news. He hasn't missed any practice done, so he's been able to not only be at home and get all the treatment bodywork that he needs to get done, But he didn't miss one part of practice now. The Nuggets. You know they're not. They're not imagining they're going to walk all over the sun spiny means especially as well as they played against the Lakers. Uh and so here's what their coach. Mike Malone is losing sleep over. We're going to ever handful again. There are top six an offensive and defensive efficiency. Their top seven and every freaking field goal percentage category at the rim, mid Range, three point foul line. They do a great job, and it's all orchestrated by a Hall of Famer and Chris Paul and the guy that's an all NBA challenge. And Devin Booker. Yeah, the worst part about the sons. Being in the playoffs is how old it makes me feel. And it's not because you know they, you know, I was never God did not designed me to be a basketball player. Let's just put it that way. The only thing I ever was any good at was, you know, getting in there getting my big hunk us in there for rebounds. I can't have a vertical jump of 0.4 inches. So, uh, you know, but it makes me feel because I gotta take a nap to watch the game because you know when you get up at two, something in the morning and the game starts at seven, you got to You've got to prepare. You don't just have to have the chips and the dips in the diet soda. All ready to go. You've got to. You got to be well rested. So you know you can come in and do a radio show. On 4.5 hour sleep. So which Jamie will tell you It always sounds like I am on four hours sleep anyway. But no, But you know, for those of you who can't stay up? Don't worry. Jim will tell you what happened tomorrow morning. Yes, And if I for some reason I happen to fall asleep during the game. We can always we can always always count on Luke four sooner to help us out, because, uh, it's his birthday today. Happy birthday, and I think he's he's actually now in an age where you can drink so Happy birthday. Look, don't listen to him. Yeah, All right. So once again seven o'clock tonight on 98 7 FM Arizona Sports Station, It is 5 19 and time for traffic Once again Here is JP Fox slide from the Valley Chevy Dealers Traffic center. Little east of the Valley due to the telegraph fired. These closures will be in effect until further notice US. 60 between superior and top of the world. Also state route 77 between Globe and Winkelmann also closes on stage about 1 77 in that same area in town, 27th Avenue and Campbell. You have an injury wrecked their 35th avenue or Indian school or good escape routes. They're only delay is in the value only delays in the vault. Only delays in the valley right now are 17 Selby 19th Avenue over to seventh Street, eastbound nights and looking good coming in from the West side. I'm.

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