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A recounting of randy gerber one of the co owners of casa meals with george clooney and the husband of cindy crawford telling us organ msnbc about a time in 2013 when george clooney gave his fourteen best friends each a duffel bag filled with one million dollars in 20dollar bills and pay their taxes for that year okay i i honestly just have to re we have to read this okay i'll read in detail as how to highlight right now at ants i know you're all thinking this was 2013 this was way before the sale costs amigos young for one billion dollars yes here's what george this is what happened per randy gerber so there's a group of guys we call the boys so they certainly have a group tax that they've renamed the boys george had called me and the boys and said hey mark september 27th to september twenty seven 2013 on your calendar everyone's going to come to my house for dinner george begins to say listen i want you guys to know much you've meant to mean how much he means to me and my life i came to la a slept on your couch i'm so fortunate my life to have all of you and i couldn't be worry empty without all view so it was really important to me that while we're still all here together that i give back so get back to his friends that the community are charity so why ought to open your suitcases and so this is where we should note that there are black designer luggage bags at each setting on the table which is a fancy way of saying there are a fucking duffel bag every setting of a table continue deleted scene from the film ocean's eleven yet we open it up and it a million dollars in 20dollar bills every one of us 14 of us got a million dollars.

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