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Update is sponsored by Harris Restaurant DINING at Harris Restaurant. San Francisco's favorite steakhouse is now open for dining in Tuesdays through Sundays. Five p.m. to nine p.m. dining at Harrison's Restaurant on Van Ness Avenue in San Francisco. KGO A 10 business and tech reporter Mark Nieto says there's a food fight brewing in New York City. Food delivery companies are Suing New York City at New York. The city's being sued by door Dash grubhub and uber eats as the company's fight back on price controls, door Dash and grub hub have already sued San Francisco, which is introduced a 15% cap for delivery services and New York City has now passed a bill that would make that same percentage cap permanent. The suit claims the law would harm local restaurants and is unconstitutional because it interferes with freely negotiated contracts. The cap, of course, was put in place during the early days of the pandemic to help struggling eateries. And now New York wants to make it permanent stocks in the red the Dow Down 140 points the S and P is off 15, and we will update your drive. In just a moment. We're going back to 2 80 in San Jose, sponsored by Panera Panera believes in saying yes to things like the new grilled Mac and cheese sandwich. Get free delivery when you order on the app through September 14th Panera Live your Yes Restrictions apply. You might have noticed the change in your neighborhood lately. Yep. Sprint stores are now T mobile stores. Now that spread his T mobile, you get more coverage value and benefits than ever before. We've invested billions to bring our five G from big cities.

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