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Inslee called defeating climate change, our country's next mission and the most urgent challenge of our time. He's the first governor to officially join the crowded twenty twenty field thousands may have been exposed to the measles at Chicago's midway airport. The department of public health confirms that an unvaccinated person who was infectious arrived in the reports concourse b last Friday night. You're listening to the latest from. NBC News Radio several students in New Jersey or facing charges for allegedly hacking into the school computer system to change grades officials say this happened at the end of last school year. But it was only last week that these four Jersey City students were charged school officials say they got their hands on teacher, logging information using hacking software. They didn't change the grades for up to ten students. This is at the Dickinson high school school board President, Saddam Thomas fears, there are students that got into college on bogus high school grades. I have anything of a large iceberg. Okay. And I hope I'm wrong officials say the cases for the four fifteen to seventeen year olds will be heard and family court. Scott Pringle, NBC. News Radio New jersey. And lawmaker says mandatory vaccinations are a communist idea in a Thursday. Facebook post, Arizona, Republican state rep Kelly Townsend road, she'd heard about proposals to force Arizonans to be vaccinated. She said the idea that we for someone to give up their liberty for the sake of the collective. Is not based on American values, but rather communist Townsend's POS came a day. After governor Doug Ducey said he'll veto three bills. That would make it easier for parents to opt out of having their children vaccinated for preventable. Diseases Chicago's coming off another successful year for film television and media production. Mayor Emanuel announcing yesterday that five hundred twenty film and media projects took place in Chicago in two thousand eighteen we now have literally nine permanent shows and films being done here in the city, Chicago putting people to work permanently that it can volt in the obviously the filming part of the business. The acting part of the business. The staging part of the business since two thousand.

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