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Getting wash talking about again while in theory there's a six series that'll be coming and probably you're so awesome Disney pause and some other adventures because we're And that'll be the Disney side of things but so many of these stories in the women that I'm researching now in light of the Academy Award N Beyond Again. Incredible amazing remarkable stories. And that's also why pencils pens and brushes exists because so many of their back stories. There just wasn't room in in campaigned and I just kept saying you guys. These women were incredible. They were so inspiring not only in their work in animation. But beyond and that's just the Disney side of things. The work that I'm researching now has just been incredible and again it's game changing so you know what you're doing as an advocate for for women in animation is You're on the cutting point of that. You're on the leading edge of making change so we WanNa thank you for all the awesome work that you're doing with your books. Your research documentaries all the future things you're about to do to I I'm just really hopeful. I wanted to be blessed and go forward and make a real change in this industry. So thank you for being with us today. Mindy and let's just call this part one because it would love to have you back on the bankrupt broadcast. You're on and Tom I will just wrap by saying go out everybody. Please wash your hands before you pick your pencil your stylus out for goodness animate animate from the heart..

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