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Democrats being. A little bit of a mixed adult. Club. Donkey of the bay near what today for April thirtieth goes to over and over support. All the helman's is heavy on this one. Okay. Yes. Over everyone's favorite ride sharing up that a lot of my friends of mine wish they had invested in early. But didn't everybody always has almost invested in Ober didn't store I'm not gonna lie to you. I saw the story yesterday on the shade room. And I read it, and I'd I'd laughing because I am one of those people who find random acts of racism pointy, not high levels of racism that end in some form of violence or people getting killed, but lower levels of racism like on a scale of one Kramer from Seinfeld. Screaming the N word at the laugh factory. I like to be in a two or three range. Okay. You know, two or three Kendrick Lamar bringing a white girl on stage the recite one of his wraps and she lets the N word fly. Okay. That's the kind of racer racist rhetoric. That makes me chuckle, and I would say on my scale of one to Kramer, screaming and word at the laugh factory. This over thing is about a four. Okay. Not it's been a history of of racism at over. Right. Correct. On that. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Racism, or there was a study in Atlantic that shows who did discriminate against blackston women. In fact, the headline says Uber, and lift are failing black riders technology was supposed to prevent the racism and sexism that pervade the cab industry, but surprise it's not so easy to get rid of discrimination. Now in was under fire for its management, practices and company coach they did what most companies do to stop the bleeding NS. Call on the help of a black woman. They hired both right drop bombs with John. She's no longer there. But I'm just trying to paint the picture of the problems. They've had with being labeled a racist before. Which is all the more reason what happened on Twitter yesterday was extremely stupid. But also kind of hilarious, depending on your sense of humor Twitter using name at the real they changed his looks like a Dick Cheney parody page if I'm not mistaken, they tweeted over support and said, I had an awful driver today. I want my money back plead respond to we can work this out now. Uber support replied. Stephen the white demon our cameraman, I need your help. Can you read this me, I need another voice to sound like support? Steve resort fam-. Read this one pay attention. Steve read this one that one. Yeah. No. Can I substitute that word? Okay. Great. I'm like, I say, all right. Let's get the gist. We're so sorry about that. Basketball American, please, send us a DM phone with. So we can connect. What the hell's the basketball American that give me a paper? Actually, what it takes. I'd rather not. Come on. We're so sorry about that. Ben word, please. I'm with your phone over with additional details of your concerns. So we can connect. Yes. The only difference is they didn't actually they didn't say n word. They spelt it out. And I g g e they are. Yes, or no support said NY now they did apologize with another tweet. They said we'd like to sincerely apologize for the offensive tweet. That was sent earlier where investigating what happened to make sure it doesn't happen again. Yes. That's crazy. There's nothing hidden investigate your support team say n word was purposely done because they said we're sorry about that with a comma then n word with a capital n Annie E R with an exclamation, Mark. But it's not that the visit. It's why okay to why. If you ask me is because whatever back last companies get on social media is worth it. Because of all the mentioned, they get on social media. These companies get on social media, and they want to be talked about they want to be discussed. Okay. Analytics comeback analytic. They not really, you know, worried about you know, what's being said about over. That is happy that Uber is being mentioned. So I think this is high brow corporate level clout chasing, I could be wrong. But that's just my opinion plea. Chelsea handler. Give those manny's flavored mammals at Uber support. The biggest. That is way too much Dan Menes going to delete you Babs. No. Lift. Delta miles to do you even explain this? Don't you just can't eat my bad tone? Explain Ari not even a word that is close to the N word that you could say your smartphone. You know, replaced it with you know, you'd be typing some words sometime what word do you type types of? And I really don't know that though. Jack that maybe not hackers. Input the word Naggar. So sorry about that. Naggar? That could that could work that could work backers. Okay. We figured it out for you. Check. Clean that up for you. All right. Well, thank you for that. Donkey today when we come back. We got the positive no immortal overs the breakfast club Gamonal. Yeah. Smoking. Known diesel. Kony owning trust me. No me, it don't just say. I gotta show me. They sent me, bro. Friendly. Just. Just in doesn't mean a win. I just put a rigid on cod. But. Five Becca kissed a bunch. The ball way still going away. Coming in a way. That a sticky keep the place. Still going bad on.

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