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Years in a Russian prison He was freed in exchange for a Russian pilot who was serving a 20 year sentence in this country for drug smuggling The two were swapped in a European country The exchange comes as U.S. Russian relations are at their lowest point in decades Just weeks ago Reid's father Joey was expressing deep concern My son is in the third world gulag You know using a hole in the floor for a toilet and not seeing another person for weeks President Biden hailed Reed's release Two other Americans are still jailed in Russia Brittany griner and Paul Whelan Vladimir Putin told Russia's parliament today that the goals of the country's military and Ukraine will be achieved Russia has cut natural gas shipments to two NATO countries Poland and Bulgaria European Commission president Ursula von der leyen calls it blackmail It comes as no surprise that the Kremlin uses fossil fuels to try to blackmail us European neighbors of the two countries vowed to pick up the slack The CDC says nearly 60% of the U.S. population has had COVID-19 since the pandemic began and more than 75% of younger children who've been infected with the virus before the omicron variant just a third of the population had tested positive Infectious disease expert Celine gounder on CBS mornings We've certainly seen people infected with every wave of their virus The original virus the delta oba cron and BA two we saw so many infections over the winter holidays I would have guessed higher Another brush with the law for North Carolina congressman Madison Cawthorn CBS Scott McFarland says he was found with a gun by airport security The TSA says the gun seized at Charlotte Douglas airport was a 9 millimeter and was loaded Another incident happened last year at Asheville regional airport and the Republican congressman is also dealing with a driving without a license citation from earlier this year Overseas a British celebration is coming together for Queen Elizabeth Ed Sheeran will headline the party at the palace a massive musical tribute to the queen on her platinum jubilee William and Kate are expected to attend but Harry and Meghan remain cagey about whether they'll be there and it's not clear whether the increasingly frail 96.

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