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Fifties. Next week. New Colorado Congresswoman Lauren Bo Burt, speaking out for the first time about the riot at the nation's Capitol list this week, Bo Burt, posting a video to Twitter on Friday. Violence We saw the other day is just as despicable is the violence we've seen all summer long. These were not conservatives. Conservatives do not tear the country down. We build our country up after the riots subsided. Bo Burt and in Colorado representative Doug Lam born did move forward with objecting to the results of the presidential election over also tweeting efforts to remove the president are in her words. The last thing we need when it comes to unifying the country. Now, some people in her district, which includes quibble over the Western slope are protesting her, accusing her of sedition. It's been a rough start to the season for the Denver Nuggets, the team just three and five of the tough overtime loss to the Dallas Mavericks on Thursday night. The Nuggets try to get back into the plus column today won't be easy there on the road in Philadelphia to take on the seven and +26 years. Game time is one o'clock this afternoon, and the search continues for the next general manager of the Denver Broncos. Today, they'll interview New Orleans Saints vice president and assistant general manager Terry Fontinot. Yesterday, the Broncos talked the Vikings assistant general manager George Payton and Chicago's assistant director of personnel champ Kelly Kelly. By the way, it was a part of the Broncos front office. As recently as 2014. Our next update comes your way at 10 30. I'm Pat Mannan. Selling on Kaylie news radio 8:50 A.m. 94 1 FM from the Bedford Sports Traffic Center. You drive around town looking good on the highways. I 25 I 70 on the highways are in good shape. Would you ever crash North bound? I'm Parker Road Approaching Hampton That's back in Europe to about corn see up in the high country of the drivers looking better, but we still have some very heavy traffic speeds down around 10 to 15 Miles an hour westbound I.

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