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Hell we were where where where where where we Andrea we were we were L. G. whatever that stands for yeah that's where we were and I don't want to go there anymore right behind the heroes of Hillary's eagles five and seven five and a half game out of first place we have four homes we have four home runs rob's team is an eighteen home runs well started and then get Tigers nine seven as well Katie what is making a move not to the top of the pack but Sir to win some games I think they were one in seven they swept the Sam some lions this weekend well we don't know about that we do alliance seven B. the weights on lease that makes a little bit of sense the Wiz Ford seven than the lions for Nate and the wyverns who won and have nobody has them so there you go so we're lost nine in a row the wyverns within shouting distance of ten point will often losing in the city since barely started it was like wow and I was surprised there you go ride your Dinos tenet why just Roland Roland road along they're saying that the the wyverns manager killing you be you he's on the hot seat and he may not last the week wow they're saying he may get replaced by Trey Hillman was the Marlins third base coach so he's gonna get a replacement what do you have more information for fourteen days to do that I just thought you know yes rise you have three three ten dollar grudge matches this one man's goodness who is me those grudge matches will be when is that once the first one okay that's a Monday like early Tuesday morning so late Monday night yet the Dinos in the bears and then Thursday we have another one going on unfortunately will be on the watch of Melissa may once stepped up to thirty well I don't know that I love that much you know I was going to propose that that's tonight like who who who is it so we can get the text Jack all in two thirty in the morning have like a virtual zoom popcorn thing going on and watch Tom.

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