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Us twenty two minutes we'll give you the world leaving at seventy eight degrees at eleven. Forty on this Saturday July twenty eighth Coppola. And here's what's happening the bacteria that causes legionnaire's disease was found in the water supply of Jacobi medical center. In the, Bronx Giuliani now says Michael Cohen could be disbarred regarding those recordings of his conversations with Trump A new medication is being hailed as a possible breakthrough. In the treatment of Alzheimer's disease workers at. The happiest place on earth are set to get a raise then wins AccuWeather forecast seventy eight degrees going down. To sixty, eight mainly clear low sixty eight in midtown near sixty in some suburbs This is Erica herskowitz the Yanks dropped the opener of their double header against the royals ten five CC's about the goes in the nightcap the, Mets continue their series PNC park and it states who have Sam darnold hold out at jets cap wins news time eleven forty one Began transit on the ones here's Rebecca Missouri's on Westside highway there is a stall blocking the right lane heading northbound right by one hundred twenty fifth street those delays back towards ninety fifth the FDR drive slammed all due to. A crash heading north right by seventy nine th those delays back towards thirty four. Thirty minutes away north and major Deegan wreck right by two. Hundred and thirty those delays back towards Fordham road and there's a crash on the Grand. Central Parkway heading eastbound right by Roosevelt avenue you've got two lanes blocked delays back towards, LaGuardia and also heavy rubber necking delays southbound cross island Parkway slammed from bell boulevard towards. The Ian that's also due to a crash from the winds. Transit desk metro north Hudson line service you've got her in. A fifteen to twenty minutes away all due to earlier police activity. And here's what. You. Need to know. About the bridges and. The tunnels while outbound fifty ninth street bridge really still moving slow. On, the lower level the George right now heading in van all due to construction it's, around thirty five minutes on the upper twenty in the lower, no issues heading outbound, I'm Rebecca Missouri Our next report at eleven fifty one on ten ten wins wins news time eleven forty two city officials have confirmed the bacteria that causes. Legionaires disease was found in the water supply of Jacobi medical center in the Bronx. City health and hospitals which oversees Jacoby confirmed that the bacteria. Was found through.

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