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After five or six years he had 45 rings. You know, it's like, Oh my God. He's gonna catch Yogi Berra, but it's hard. It's hard to do You know what the team around? You have to be consistent, have to avoid injury. Everything. Peter ended on five not 10. 5. So let's save the homes wins, five goes to five and wins three or even more. It's crazy equals seven and wins four. He's way behind. Brady and old timers will say 50 years from now, because you know the eyeball test. Holmes is already better than Brady's ever been by quite a bit if you just eyeballing him. And by then the numbers will tell you the same thing, actually, but in terms of accomplishment, leadership all those things. 50 years from now, some old timers going to tell someone Brady deep Mahomes when the homes of them his pride, and Brady was 43 the homes was favored in that came, you know, like it's going to be very, very difficult. Now, if my home's wins Then first three years of his career. These three x F c championship games. He's um he's AH, two Super Bowls back to back Super Bowl wins. Including incredible comebacks all of last season. He's Yeah, he's starting to build that case. Max, When is Tom Brady's new cliff? I'm not. I'm not predicting a clip from radio several things one. He is like he's playing in an era. Clearly that protects the quarterback. Do you remember that? Game against the Chiefs a couple years ago, when the linebacker had his hands on Brady and then let go because he didn't know it's like you don't want to get out. I don't want to get, you know called for anything, and Brady walked into the end zone in Kansas City, like quarterbacks are taking care of. It's easier to do that Nutrition is better. Brady's gotten lucky. He's also genetically gifted, obviously. He pays attention to like rigorous preparation and all those things. I'm not going to say there's going to be a cliff. I would say that I've stopped comparing him to Other football players, and it started comparing it to other super Old great athletes. So Tom House his pitching coach, I had on that the Max Kellerman show, ESPN radio 2 P.m. Eastern. Um, last week or two weeks ago, and Tom House was also No. One. Ryan's pitching coach, and no. One. Ryan was arguably the best pitcher in the game when he's 44 years old, and he was still good with his 46 Satchel Paige pitched in. Some people think it to his late forties that he.

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