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I've built up the drama as much as possible. Who was Jack Layton? And why would the president the Vice president's speech writers be associating with a parting letter from Mr Leyton of the NDP of Canada? Good evening to you? Talking even John Well again. I have no idea how it happened That that Ah phrase from Jack Layton was almost exactly replicated by Joe Biden. And I suppose it could be a coincidence, But it's a little unlikely. Um, in terms of who he was and how they might find him sympathetic figure. Hey, he was a leader in this country. You You have two main parties, the liberals and conservatives on then there's a third party that is essentially a left of Centre Party of not extreme left. But it would. It would qualify today as being in that Biden Sanders area, and I mean that it's so democratic, you know, anti Communist Party? Certainly there's no question of that, but but you know well to the left and on the periodically. It is the third party in the case. Usually even the fourth party because the the Nationalists in Quebec periodically put up a lot of in peace, Federal and then they recede again. But But Jack Layton had the distinction of being the only leader in the history of that party to lead them in the second place in an election, So they were the official opposition second only to the then conservative government of Stephen Harper. And the reason this happened was that he completely outmaneuvered the Liberals in Quebec. I've got a huge Quebec vote. It was a complete freakish circumstance in electoral history, and they lost most of those. Most of those members of Parliament in the following election after jacket died, but but he staged a coup. What amounted to a perfectly legitimate tactical to buy by convincing Quebec voters if they wanted to know if they retired. Of the two old parties. He was the one to vote for, and and he essentially offer them a semi separatist agenda that they that they embrace. Not because they cared about electing Jack Layton Prime minister, which was not going to happen, but they wanted to send a message to the joint of political Establishment of liberals and conservatives. He didn't come second in the popular vote. The Liberals did, but he had that concentration and come back and he knew quit back. Well. His father was a Cabinet minister. Potentially in Quebec. Andi any spoke French? Well, so you know, he knew them and they knew him and he was running against the end of the other party leaders were all English language Canadians who spoke French, but not like he did. So he had a specific appeal. At a precise time that worked for him. He took advantage of it. And and he was generally ah, popular person on Damien. I knew him For many years there was a city councilor in Toronto and so is his way, And Andi was he was perfectly agreeable man personally, but he was, you know, I don't want to overstate it. But he was in American terms. He would be hey, would be pretty close to Bernie Sanders Woods, and that's you know, that's Very unusual in the United States. But it's pretty unusual for party leader in this country also, so I can see why, with the Biden camp Ah, kind of, you know, joining ranks with the Sanders group and trying to promote a unity Ah, program in the Democratic Party to the left of where it has bean. In some ways, Jack Waking would be a logical figure to look at it. And maybe as mere surmise. I obviously don't know anything about it. But it may be that some of The former vice president's advisers were looking around and other Social Democrats and so called progressives and other Democratic countries and would come across the most successful. Ah, leader of Faction of politics in the history of Canada. Was Jack lied because he got his party and this is the official opposition. Mr Layton's leather in the National Post is quoted as saying. My friends love is better than anger. Hope is better than fear. Optimism is better than despair. And the vice president's words for love is more powerful and hate. Hope is more powerful than fear and light is more powerful than dark. I can put it down as a coincidence. The reason I asked you is because the vice president's speech was otherwise quite free of policy. And so therefore it was of interest that the national Post seized on this linkage between a man whom you say is of the left because Mr Biden has been at pains To both be sympathetic and inviting to the left of his party without actually speaking aloud the words I mentioned that again because your measure of this campaign from Toronto is fresh perspective for May you help me understand this If if I listen to the vice president's speech again, I'm certain the major policy advance he has is that the country is going to be nationally masked and that he is going to get scientists together and solve. The virus. He has also said subsequent to his speech in an interview that if needed to protect the United States from the virus, he would shut down the economy. Those are surprising policy statements hinged upon the virus. Do you measure that the vice president can ride his virus opinion all the way to Election Day without mentioning the other policies? That he's that he is now sympathetic. Two on the left. No, I don't think he can. And furthermore, I don't think he can ride this one to victory either. Now, if if for some reason, I can't imagine what would happen. But if for some reason, uh, fatality spiked up, uh, to to, to put increased pressure on the confidence and morale of the public and and and make them more fretful whenever the danger Ah, then that would change circumstances. But if the president trend continues of a sapling effect, especially if it's Accelerated by the announcement. Ah, yesterday, I guess of the application of this plasma, then I I think I think the president has a winning argument that you've got to fight both battles concurrently, do everything you can to protect the 20% or so of the population That's vulnerable to the virus while doing everything possible to get everyone else back to work, eh? So they can take care of their families and get everything. Everything. Up and functioning and and, ah is to some degree both parties and all the whole country or hostage to to how the you know how things develop on the medical front. But the present trend appears to be in the international trend appears to me that with reasonable precautions, it is a declining fatality rate. And you know, like anything else we get better dealing with. It s O. I would say that that three idea of trying to sell a complete shutdown. Until there literally is no more Corona virus is nonsense and and and the public would have to be in a much more terrorized condition. But I think they will be despite the best efforts of Trump's enemies from the media for such a policy to be to be approved by the country. Donald Trump a president like no other by Conrad, Black, I'm John Bat shirt, the Republican National Committee Convention virtually and some real thanks to my partner's of scholar dot com. Balance of nature changing the world. One life at a.

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