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Note. One cohesive thing writers. There's a smattering of about things. Like boat harvesting and making sure our absentee ballots to secure. But not needing one specific. I don't think right. There's no sort of one shot one. Kill thing that's happening here now. One of the things that was added to that bill late in the regular session very controversial. I think very offensive even to republicans was the Provision that would allow judges to more easily overturn election results but basically with no evidence of fraud Why was that provision. Put in there. How did that happen. this will take us in a moment to the love letter to the core report State representative julie johnson and state representative john busey. Both democrats won from dallas and one from williamson county. They were on. Msnbc last night with lawrence o'donnell on his show. The last word and johnson said. It's pretty simple. That dan patrick and the texas senate put that language in the bill and now they're trying to deny it we know exactly who put that provision in the bill that are the republicans in the senate and they put that provision in the bill and send it over to us so the house and so they did it unfortunately with about eleven hours left of the legislative session as they slid it in at the last minute. We didn't get the bill until four fifty two on sunday when the clock expired at midnight and that provision mysteriously appears so. They knew exactly what they were doing. They were trying to get democrats asleep at the wheel but fortunately we paying very close attention and we didn't let it happen. You remember jeremy because you were there for hours and hours in the texas senator. I mean did they go on for six seven eight hours overnight when they debated the final version the conference committee report on sp seven. It included these provisions at that time. Right yeah absolutely. From from ten pm cleared till about six. Am that's all we talked about. Were these provisions and senator bryan hughes. Who is the author in. The senate defended those positions on the floor. Am i right absolutely right. So it's not like they didn't know it was there and not as if they didn't mount a vigorous defense not only to the provision about overturning elections but also the thing that some republicans later called typo which is cracking down on the soles to the polls events that happened in the african american community allowing for voting on sundays. They were going to do it at one o'clock instead of eleven in the morning right. Yep i mean they defended that for hours yes. There's a lot of attention i you know. i believe. One of the royce west. The senator from dallas meaning really lengthy..

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