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And I hope so we saw last season with them. And that that's I think with with them and and Utah last year. That's why I'm I'm I'm leaning more. I see both sides of the Simmons debate. And as I think, it's it's January and people in the internet just need stuff target every day. I see both sides. I am person is a basketball fan a little disappointed. Just because of what he showed during the last thirty plus games of the regular season last year and in the end in the first round. And then I thought he lost momentum. The Celtics did something in that in that round two. And I don't I don't feel like he's fully recovered. I thought he was like a dark horse MVP candidate this season. And we just haven't seen that guy yet. So maybe we'll say, I don't know. All right in the west gets a little tougher guards. Aren't that hard? I've I have for the two guards I have curry. And I've James harden. I don't know if you've heard of him he's been playing. Well, I'm familiar with the work of both of those gentlemen. It doesn't feel like any other name should enter the conversation. So just other names Dame Lillard kyri. I'm sorry. A DR in FOX. Mike conley? Last momentum Jrue holiday not good enough. Marta Rosen little momentum lately, but not all-star starter momentum. Devon booker. The teams is not successful enough. Russell Westbrook averaging triple double house. I don't know if you knew that. Oh, it's still the guy is averaging triple double house. Every game. He's getting a triple double. If you have it out. Yeah. I still I went on clothes podcasters today. I actually like oh, Casey. Because Russ doesn't seem like he's a little bit washed or on the other side of his granting. He's not making shots. But athletically from an energy standpoint, he seems the same a g he may just be a horrible slump or something. But if he can snap out of it a little the team around him, really good. I like that too. Good. Yeah. I like that they have an I a defensive identity that I did not intimate. I think we still pick the over for them. But yeah, that's gonna win winter. They can get locked down. So. Curry heart. And I think that's a no brainer. Both both guys Curry's having a borderline career his he was still better three years ago. But all his numbers are pretty close. The team successes in Ben is getting hardens having honestly one of the great offensive runs in the history of the league. And as chance to. Fought break the break the've vaunted thirty five point game. It's in play us. Just incredible. I love it. I can't get enough. I did some research on. The thirty three point club has was going to put us in trade Viacom this month. But I'll step on air. Whatever. Only ten guys have ever scored thirty three points game in a season..

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