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When you're aware of is kind of like there is a degree of not working the bar and just being like a great to be him to be here so of mantra to yourself. I'm happy to be working. It could be anybody else but it's may so hey great but at the same time you're like okay. This is gonna stop soon though. You still have to think it had to be like this is not going to become a thing. I'm only doing this because of if you can just find yourself for example playing the terrorists. The only reason i wanted to do was because of show main. And i knew him with him and i knew i get to talk to borrow. May and his loveliest guy and he's super super friendly until he says action until they action. Sunday bucking terrifying directa. Sorry she'll be near the actor he said barman or you may. Oh you mean his character was born has this is because i haven't bloody watch lord of the rings barrowman shown trumping the point as long as you can justify why you'll that for whatever reason you you don't you can be completely honest with yourself about it but you keep an eye on the bigger picture like this is not this this. I like this bill. Continue full this feeling of having about knowing the token whatever not gains lagging. Somebody would have to talk this in order for me to do that again. alexi with tundra or. They've just been incredibly opened incredibly sort of forward thinking when that costing some with some of the storylines where the with sexuality especially in this season which you don't really pay attention to when your shooting it but like people write stuff about it and you're like oh. I didn't even think that my character is considered sexual. Okay great co mazing things like that and these guys you know. They're just they're just wonderful bunch of people to quit very grateful that there are some some very good americans out there who is -firmative costing have you ever moved. Have you ever thought of going either that full-time or had that discussion. Would that be something you'd need to do will want to do it. Stiffs want to experience. i'm not so keen on moving their fault. Maybe no after. I've actually i've never been to. La of a bid to new york But most conversations with my of these about about that thing about getting management stuff and she was young is an incredibly powerful agent in in the uk. And sometimes i get that says things like Remember listening for aladdin the live action whilst on the indian detective and she called me and said i love choosing the la and she just shed attacks you with the head of disney costing us away and she's like yeah just go call disney costing Song condition for latin quit. What what's so. He's lost my shit. And i'd say you just as moments where you get like i forget. Just how wonderful However established she is so when she. When i said everyone controlling. She's like yeah but honestly you don't really need to like l. a. Is coming to you. And tends to especially American scripts in additions and stuff. But i think he just wants to experience it..

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