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And did it very sleek in very straight, and we worked through all these different looks that she had but by husband met, another friend of hers, and he went to her apartment, and she had Mickey Mouse t shirt on and a pair of tights. And she says I want my haircut, and I you know, it she had black long hair and Tom just went shopping at it and gave her a rockstar haircut like rods that Rod Stewart. But like, you know, like all shaggy and like really cool. And so then all of a sudden, she gets a phone call, and he says, well, my husband, you got a problem. I know what to do with my favorite night. And I'm like, so Tom explains me goes like this person that that did you ask her who are husband is, you know, and he says, no, I didn't wanna get go there with I was with fair out. I was having fun. We were playing, and you know, and I cut her hair off. And so I find out it's like one of the wealthiest families in New York. This is in the seventies late seventy and every night is formal night in is big time just for a tour, and she's got like the Joan Jett. Yeah. She's got the shag. And it's not the time to have this. So I go over to the to the house, and I'm talking to her. And I said it's so what is tonight I have to go. You know, we're having this big party, didn't it dinner. And I'm wearing Valentino. And I still show me the dress shows it's the one I just shot for a tour. It's like for around the neck low in the back, and it's like a black. It's so gorgeous. You know, what I mean, really really big time. And I'm like, Tom you kinda like screwed this up because. Hey, it's not matching dress. So what do you do? And I said, well, let's just blunt the bottom off a little bit. And then we'll blow it really sexy over your eye, and she had all this stuff up here. And so we we faked it we got it. We got her through a little fancy hat again. It wasn't about. And it was like her husband says oh, thank God. You guys got together. You got her together, you know? And it was we were laughing so hard. But then, you know, then she ended up with a really severe short Bob with big Hank of a big wave over one eye. And so she owned she was owning her and at the day during the day. She still was owning her look, you know. So you bring up an interesting point like, which is like night-time hair. Daytime hair you read, I read an article with you recently, and it was an older article. But you said something that was really funny you said. You always have lots of little funny quips. I don't know if you realize that don't. But I I do understand that I do have a wicked tongue. I think you're a truth teller Garin. That's why I like you. You said I think younger women feel if they put themselves together too much, they look too old fashioned. And you said it's like how you learn to put makeup on, you know, a lot of women learn to put makeup on that. They should learn how to put how to how to do their hair. Now as somebody who I know. Jen knows that she's seen it firsthand. She was horrified. I don't know how to do my hair do not put a hot tool, and this woman was like it's any kind. No, no, I blow dry. Maybe even a little drier. I, you know, for me nighttime hair is basically, I brush it or I get so much of her Fench, professionally do it. But what about your charity gala jus-? I would love to go to chair. I know. But I know what you're saying. I would love my husband to take me out to all these fancy business events. The life anymore. What's going on? Do you think that things have changed or you think do you think that women just kind of like don't know how to is that a is that a dying art like what hap- hairdressing, you know?.

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