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Funny, drives that come to you. Great. It's funny. Little sorry. Stepdown Colin back it up. Run during the Oscars. I it's it's funny. What you really have to hang. Yeah. The. Times. Yeah. Right. Yeah. But I love that they took celebrity they took humor. They took music. They took a combination of multiple things. It's a really strong if you don't pay attention and people pre sheet it, which is great. Yeah. Then there are other ones like Burger King. Hell was bad that shall not be named. Well, can I ask this? So I said to the garbage when I was driving in like first off does anyone like Andy Warhol? No he back now. Well, as anyone at a Burger King, you're flying like we can all agree that we're just talking about offset, but he wouldn't have high recognition value at a rodeo. No. Was there? There is a sort of demographic for almost everything and Warhol and Burger King for the folks who think you know, I got two dollars to my burger with probably not big Warhol guys. And then there's a few things about the commercial. That was insane one is let's get into it the burger didn't look appealing all the perga-. It said further looked miniature it looked. It doesn't look like as hamburgers old furniture in nineteen eighty-two. It's come a documentary documentary called sixty six from America. And it was him. He actually asked for McDonald's. They gave him Burger King. And he said, where's the McDonald's? And then they couldn't get it fast enough. So this is what happened. So they give them a walk. But the Walker looks weak, and then he takes the lid off. But he puts the catch on the side, which is kind of a weird move. I thought it was an ad for Hines partnership between Burger King and Heinz. Right now, there is the dips in the side. And then he says nothing nothing. I think he says something. No, no, this is it. Oh, he. No, it is he moved his mouth like he did a weird like a key gonna say something and involve a noise in the party. I thought he said something, but he said nothing just moved his mouth and weird way. There was a teaser before this that came out online lines kind of excited, and I was telling Brian earlier when we taped the commercial great show that so the king like he basically in Burger King became he came back, and he was setting up the desk, and he set up the Mike and he set up the lights, and he set up the camera, and he kind of paced back and forth. Like, there's anticipation something's going to happen. So I was like, okay. He's coming back. This could be cool. And then that's what they gave us from an agency called David in Miami. And I I I looked at up at age. I like, it's an industry publication and advertising. And I honestly can't believe this. They rated it in the top five most creative ads of the Super Bowl. And I was like what's define creative. And I get talking about it. But it's just and it was it ranked bottom of the barrel and the ad meter like dead last. It doesn't make any sense. It's not like they had to do anything. They just bottled footed. They bought. Yeah. But the the CMO or the global brand director for Burger King was like we're doing something that only Burger King can do exclusively. No other brand can claim this. And I was like that doesn't mean you should do this don't do it. Well, is it? The only argument is my sort of Kardashian boot light porn argument, which is like is there any bad press anymore. Like everyone's talking. And in the past like, you would go at it. I mean, it like this the same with like, the vacation porn, you know. Now, if the on the on the internet like you go of that. But this is bad. But you don't, but you don't want this kind of attention. Everybody's talking about it. Yeah. But that. I don't know. I we're starting to enter this part of our society where it's just talk. There's no talk. It's not even the bad and the good and the bad consequently weird..

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