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Let me tell you something digital. He came out with notes like a like an alternative comic in San Francisco. He's gonna. He's gonna hold notepad. Other questions. Here's a question. Okay. All right. So you know, I was watching this moving with Kate and it's like this British movie came out last year. It's like these two old people falling in love and learning how to dance and doing whatever. I know it sounds right up your alley and under the bus. I love feelings. Anyway, is it? Was we cheesy, whatever. And I was like thinking like, well, there's this demographic About Schmidt bucket list, Morgan Freeman, you know, Alan Arkin like, you know, it's like the Matlock of movies or whatever, where they go, we're going to, okay, we're, we're targeting these baby boomers are what are you know what? I'm? It's the, it's the, something's gotta give the. What's what's your, what's with your croissant. Mickey, Mickey Oldman and sweet Johnson are, you know? But it's like people that we remember gross busters and stuff really sad because foes razor, slowly. My question to you is a writer and a producer of various things. Do you think that when our generation hit sap, are they're going to be more more like scifi fantasy stuff featuring old people or we just get today? Casse Allison Brie are fighting inside Tamang Stor, but they're like Wrigley. Good walkers because it reminds us of simpler times kind of back to the future. Sure. What the Reagan good timid. Do you love me or not? I don't know. We grew up friends too. I wanna do is she my grandchildren on east. Jeez seats cheese. It's very nice, I, but about Kevin Hart in how we get back to earth. Or or or or when I was your age earth was uphill because it'll be more it'll be more like, are we there yet? You know, we'll be that sounds like that could come up tomorrow. Is there like a whole series of how we going to get back to blanks, tiff, Tiffany, haddish has back Back to. to how we can. The Kevin Hart series, Kevin Hart seventy at its. How, how are we going to get back to Blake series? It gets to the point where it's so over saturated. The the, the the movies have to start calling. How we, how are we going to get back to in. Meet the meets Jason voorhees trying lake lakes. I'm trying to think of an example like when the God damn it, I wish we were making I blood. We had known that we were just making a franchise called Rambo this. We've made the so confusing. What do you mean Rambo, colon? I blood partout. That's confusing. What are we going to call the third movie idea? Yes, submissive, s Rambo three. Okay, fine. But that's not. I mean, our point is your point is of the movie. First blood part to look, we could call it second blood and just get rid of the last. We could call it the blood Ning and just sort of. College singing. I blood, I blood second, third, but you know, they would fucking died. So much money if they would have done hog idea. It's not taking on this role? No, I don't. I love it. I love it because I love irony. I love watching. You turn into your mother. After after all of these years of friendship, we're like we bonded original bond who was like, you know, we bonded over the fact that we were raised in a culture of, oh, you're in Milwaukee, and you got your pacifying in your mouth, and you look at a Wrigley's billboard and you're like, how come the billboard megs, local gums about idea and your and your parents go like you're talking about it and we like bonded about it or like, yeah, man, and then to get out here and like makes a now look at you, man. You're fucking Sarramon. And I'm Gandalf the white. And I'm tell you what man put me on the roof of your tower and leave me up there forever while you make new kinds of goblins and. I hope you visit.

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