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Your voice on the radio or you just want to text it but don't want to talk to me that's all right two one two three two is the number of the u taxed and then you just put your question in the actual text box we will read that and then answer those questions live on the air so i saw new story that there was a sting where they are they had looked at people who are advertising online like on social media and places like that and they set up a home that has actually had some storm damage and then they contacted people from contacted people who were advertising for home improvement services just to check and see if they were check and see if they were licensed and so they had a bunch of people come over and and you know give them quotes and then they determined whether or not they were licensed and if they were unlicensed than they ended up arresting them now normally it's a misdemeanor to do work without a contractor's license but because it is a based on the the aftermath of hurricane irma it is actually considered a felony so this was in volusia county but it was both the daytona beach police department state attorney's office as well as the florida department of business and professional and they set up the operation last thursday so these all of the suspects said advertise their services on social media and so then authorities have contacted them and asked them to come by a home to to give them a quote or to perform some work and so there was a number of people that were arrested i believe there was a total of eleven people arrested on friday and and a bunch of them had prior arrests some were convicted sex offenders some we had were already on probation from other things like theft and there was one specifically that was already on already issued a cease and desist last year about performing work as a contractor without actually being licensed now this brings up an interesting point in general i'm a smaller government type of person i am and and there are obviously as a society we have rules this happens to be one of the rules is that in order to perform work in the state of florida they require.

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