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Off the clock. The Blackhawks will take a two to nothing lead into the dressing rooms after 40 minutes, shots on goal favoring the wings. Now, after 2 22 to 17 shot 12 to 5 in that period by the Red Wings, they pick up the only goal on Calvin don slap shot from the point. His first of the season. But I think the Blackhawks five on five that a pretty decent job where they ran into problems was on the penalty killed and then trying to straighten things out on the next shift or two after that, so stay out of the penalty box here in the third period. If you're the referees, you look at the Miss Call on Sidorov, who wasn't very happy there. Patrick Kane certainly voiced his displeasure on catching a little bit of a high stick to the chin and he got an unsportsmanlike conduct. So Blackhawks a little bit sloppy and what they were doing his father's taking minor penalties. But that's my only complaint of that period. I thought there was some really good things. Happening, and congratulations to Ian Mitchell picking up his first ever point in the NHL on the Don goals, So some good things happening for the Blackhawks through 40 minutes. It seems like everybody in the black oxide is engaged to a great degree so far here to you, and you know if you look at what's been going on around the league, I mean in Columbus in particular you got Disgruntled forward there appear Luke to blind. You know there's distractions there, but benching and stuff. You look at the numbers in this game other than the guy's getting some minutes taken away because the penalty kill if you're not on that. Jeremy Carlton has been able to use all four lions because everybody is involved in the equation. I haven't seen anybody you know, make some bad plays or lack of effort. So you wanted a good solid 60 minute effort here on on home ice at the United Center Up to this point, you pretty much got it from everybody. So far so good. The Hawks to the wings. No score after two Chris Bonus standing mind Black Cock Central, and he'll have a full intermission report. In third period. Action will soon ensue and we'll find out if the Blackhawks can hold onto this lead and register their first win on this young season. We'll find it all out in a little while. After two to nothing. Hawks This is Blackhawks hockey on 7 20 w GM. If you've got an insurance question, you could talk to a park ranger. But the only quotes they'd probably give you would be about the beauty of a fallen leaf or ripples in a pond. Not the kind that could save.

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