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Allegedly perhaps a race a racist as riot it doesn't often i'm not minimizing it but this is not the same or like you said in russia's so this is what she said to the hollywood reporter said he was openly fleet flirtatious he grabbed my ass he talked about sex to me and in front of me knowledge is unpleasant now but it's also a lay nice listen to do he were look i i had elect their first off who amongst us i worked at the man show when they were trying to convince me that natalie maine's of lead singer from the dixie chicks was in love with me awesome when jimmy is pulling a prank on me if it was based in some truth or at least some factual stuff we won't get into it but the point is is at some point they needed a pair of panties to be sent to me and the mail and they didn't they did not have time on their side and they said two are like receptionists or somebody like we need a bar your panties but she was in on the joke she'd have to pay one atom took the plan is often like throw him in a box and they put him on my desk now that would not look very good in transcript forms was going to stay two two day then pearl admits it was a joke she wh she was she was in on if cousin sal was wearing panties we would have pull them off of off of him debt stuff gone on nonstop all day every day in this town but also out of this town and in almost every business now the question is how do we want to spend all of it.

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