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Good morning I'm Chris Franklin our top story at ten thirty the Hillsborough sheriff's office says the suspect in a deadly carjacking in bell Rico tried to kill himself at the Falkenberg jail thirty nine year old James Hansen tried to hang himself with a bed sheet tied to a basketball hoop in the recreation yard a deputy pulled them down performing CPR until EMS arrived crystal Clark with the sheriff's office tells news channel eight they had no indication he was suicidal he's not currently under suicide watch any was actually cleared by psychologist telling him that he was not suicidal Hanson accused of robbing the center State Bank and Valerie go on Tuesday carjacking sixty eight year old Matthew Kohr till in the parking lot if you say Hansen strangled Corey till the death when he tried to escape the woman who lost to Ross Spanos says the Republicans stole the congressional seat he occupies Kristen Carlson says she's now endorsing Spanos democratic opponent in next year's election span be Carlson by six points in last year's race for district fifteen but after the election it was revealed span may have received illegal campaign loans that are now under investigation one of Hillsborough county's largest companies is expanding its reach in Florida sceptres lazy day holdings bought Sumter county's alliance coach over the week about a week ago lazy day now says the purchase gives the company access to fast growing markets like Orlando Ocala and the villages Tampa Bay traffic and weather just moments away with lord is news hi Chris Franklin.

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