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A week long celebration across the country the army still rescuing victims who have been hiding out the next step trying to rebuild the battered city you're listening to abc news news radio 610 wtvn allison wyatt police are investigating the death of a man found shot in a pickup truck on columbus's south side saturday morning police say that forty four yearold bernardo gonzales was found shot dead in the driver's seat of a white pickup on crown avenue meanwhile police say a recent hilltop death has been ruled as a homicide thirtyfouryearold jesse house there was found dead in the trunk of a dodge neon on south wayne avenue friday morning the city has seen nearly 70 homicides so far this year amid protests and under pressure and ohio prosecutor is pondering whether tich try a third trial to get a conviction of a former police officer in a raciallycharged fatal shooting case former university of cincinnati police officer ray tensing shot and killed a samdo bows during a traffic stop nearly two years ago he has had to hung juries on murder and voluntary manslaughter charges since then a big announcement from ohio's lieutenant governor mary taylor the latest republican to announce she is running for governor of ohio mary taylor on stage at the city club of cleveland our regulatory regime and america is out of control taylor is also planning to tackle education reform opioid abuse the infrastructure modernisation she media point to focus her message on the common man and woman as she talked about government red tape as a hidden tax it sure as hell is in heddon not from the taxpayers innovators and small business women and men that i talked to jarrett allard news radio 610 wtvn meanwhile over a dozen people were arrested during a protest sat senator rob portman office same columbus sixteen people injured be arrested after blocking emergency crews better trying to get to a person with chest pains in the same building were portland's offices located a courtroom spokeswoman says building security coal columbus police after the protesters impeded other church demonstrate traders opposed the gop senator healthcare reform proposal appointments was he does not support the proposal in its current form that's charles van zandt reporting for your abc six first warning weather forecast sunshine today we'll see a high of 81 clear tonight a low of sixty three i'm allison wyant more news at the bottom of the hour and on demand and 610 wtvn dot com this weekend box office preview this.

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