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Right shoulder they wanted both to take those out for utility work until about three except a less than ten minutes in the K. Y. W. twenty four hour traffic center median time now for a check of eyewitness weather here CVS three meteorologist Tiffany Simona get ready for a very cold start this Saturday morning with temperatures in the twenties now we will see a mix of sun and clouds this afternoon but we stayed chili all day with highs only around thirty seven winter officially begins tonight and it's going to be another Cold ninety sectors drop twenty six by Sunday morning Sunday will see plenty of sunshine and won't be quite as cold with highs around forty six and looking quiet and mild as we get closer to the holidays Monday plenty of sunshine eyes around fifty one more sunshine on your Christmas Eve highs around forty nine and Christmas day is looking pretty nice mix of sun and clouds of highs around forty eight right now mostly sunny here at the broadcast center twenty eight degrees heading up the thirty seven this afternoon a former high school swim coach you already served jail time for soliciting one of the swimmers is now charged with possessing child **** Hey why W. suburban bureau chief Kim mail work reports forty year old Michael Dolan of Lafayette hills charged with this and distributing child **** is a criminal complaints of more than one hundred images of children ages two to fourteen were found in his possession Dolan was on the sex offenders registry as he was sentenced to one and a half to three years in jail after pleading guilty in two thousand nine to unlawful conduct with a minor for purposes of prostitution and corruption of minors in two thousand eight Dolan was a swim coach of Plymouth white marsh high school he admitted to sending text to a fifteen year old swimmer offering money in exchange for sexual favors according to the criminal complaint the recent investigation into Dolan began when Google contacted.

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