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Does morning news. With continuing coverage of our top story. Bill Nelson calling his nearly half century of public service a rewarding journey in a very humbling experience before to democrat conceding defeat yesterday in his bid for a fourth term in the US. Senate Republican governor Rick Scott who has led led by more than ten thousand volts after a manual recount Nelson says even though he lost his Senate seat. He's not done fighting for what he believes civil rights women's rights LGBT rights and the sacred right to vote the recount also gives Republican Ron Santa's the win in the Florida's governor race over democrat, Andrew gillum. So after this year's election debacle. What changes would election supervise? Wanna see how about a clear path to counting? The votes says Seminole county election supervisor micro tell is some assurance that the rules aren't going to change halfway through or the rules aren't going to change at the end of the game expanding early voting works for gold calls the election. Supervisor in Orange County. Maybe we should start looking at the vote center concept where you take early voting and expanded all the way out to election day at seven o'clock any changes would be up to the state legislature. They've all news ninety six point five WDBO Cleveland Browns, general manager is denying rumors that former secretary of state Condoleeza Rice was under consideration for the team's head coaching job. John Dorsey said secretary Rice's name has not been discussed as they searched for the team's next head coach Dorsey added that rice is a great leader with the highest possible. Character rice in a Facebook post said she's not ready to coach but wouldn't mind calling a player to for the Browns. She also looked forward to a future in which women are in coaching positions in the. NFL? That's Phil hall of reporting well UCF perform well under the national spotlight, but the bucks and the Jags continue to struggle..

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