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His last living relative convicted pedophile. I'm sorry what was that headline that that headline really just gonna get that. Hitler you know it'll fit the socialists the German socialist of the socialist workers party in Germany. Hitler's last living relative convicted of pedophilia after kissing girl comma thirteen a the mirror out of the UK which is like England Romano Lucas Hitler claims to be the only man alive bearing the name of the murderous **** leader and claims to be related to the Fuhrer through Hitler's father I'll always remote old Lucas Hitler from the east German city of garments claims that all the weeks had a younger brother and that the grand son of the younger brother who fled to Slovakia after the war was his father you got to see this guy to believe him he looks like uncle Festus you know uncle Festus throwing a little Frank Sinatra and Saturday Night Live it was like uncle fester from the at and he's got a. really. big cat too on the top of his bald head he's got a big tattoo all over the top of his head they looks like he's in his fifties or something but they claim to be the only man alive during the family name Hitler and I guess now is just like child molesters there the families improving making progress I I guess but that they're his he's got a driver's license and everything and and good stuff as a German passport the now sixty nine year old Hitler has been convicted of a sex attack on a child known only as an yeah. prosecutors took the case to court after complaint filed by the girl's father said Hey you know that Hitler guy down the street isn't behaving very well who Mr Hitler I'm sorry but there is a Hitler in the neighborhood yes Mr Hitler you can make reservations at restaurants and stuff. lizard Romano just say Romano that's the first name. Hitler party of four Hitler party of four and as the kissing that thirteen year old not Joe Biden kisses thirteen year old girls I think a lot not to equate him with here Hitler here but but there it is her Hitler he's doing the you know. you know what he's doing there this is. the Washington examiner today. general secretary Mattis James Mattis went on MSNBC he's selling his book you know and that he was talking to the idiots there who are propagandists for the death cult he was on with Andrea Mitchell. during former defense secretary James Mattis is MSNBC interview with Andrea Mitchell. he refused to criticize president trump even though she pressed him firmly and repeatedly to do so on various issues. Mitchell tried to get mad as to say Thursday if he thinks he is normalizing decisions truck makes by not saying how he truly feels about them they they they bring out in that they want to they want to turn yeah you know they're like yeah it's like being captured by ISIS and they want you to convert to Islam or they're gonna chop your head off it's it's kind of the same thing. trying to get mad as to say that he's normalizing that word in quotation marks decisions made by truck by not criticizing sees supposed to criticize him otherwise he's a bad person because that's the campaign there on now each time Mattis maintain that it is inappropriate for former military man and administration officials you undermine the current commander in chief disagreeing with that completely Andrea Mitchell persisted. your personal library has thousands thousand seven thousand books and it. what does it say about a chief executive who does not read. I'm just speaking hypothetically Mitchell said that she was then then let's pretend in a make believe world that we're speaking hypothetically you know the question was fine until you turned it into a lie by saying that it was just hypothetical Andrea mata said I'm going to frustrate you here I think anytime you have a leadership team and that's what the president and his cabinet is. or in a corporation it's the CEO and the board of directors you have people who have strengths and weaknesses I know I'm not strong in all areas so you see as being a professional is being an adult remember when that used to be how things were not serve really before Obama there was it was the second term of bush when the left really started going crazy and you know well I'm Katie bar the door madness crazy stuff you probably saw Isaiah Washington the act tore and is actually has always been a very impressive actor he really has. not just because he's now come out and said that he is abandoned the Democrat party it's the black exit the black exit from the Democrat party our campus ends is very involved in that she's called a **** and a white supremacist she's black of my color white supremacists they call Jews **** like Ben Shapiro they call black women white supremacists quite literally they I'm not not making this up they do this is liberal land today. fox nations latest episode of nuff said grey's anatomy star Isaiah Washington opened up about his decision to leave the Democratic Party and the reaction that he has gotten from the Hollywood community after publicly declaring his support for the pound sign walk away movement that's for sane and rational people to walk away from the Democratic Party American Jews to realize their party is anti semitic African Americans realize their party is racist. walking away is a sacrifice Isaiah Washington said there's a risk on a penalty for it but. yeah I have to walk away when it matters and the reason I chose to walk away from the Democratic Party is that something doesn't feel right and he went on from there but I was there watching these are I voted for forty four twice he said that would be Brock Hussein Obama. I even check my emails in is Senate office while a check my emails in his Senate office while lobbying for some alone and being given another chance to re brand not once in eight years was I given any support regarding Africa or the black agenda but forty five meeting trump invites me to the White House to celebrate the pound sign first step act now he went and visited with president trump an amazing way he's African American I don't even know if I mention that I use African American I was a wash and I assume everybody knows who he is but everybody doesn't know is and he was invited to the White House for this this event Johnny met the president and when he left he said you know enough's enough is enough enough of being on staying on the Democrat party plantation. he said. you got a lot of conservative for or centric libertarian minded people that really care about other people but they're terrified to come out of the closet and say anything that's not in line with the Democratic Party he explained urging those in Hollywood community to speak up I'm going to support the policy over the person. so there is a saying I you know I don't necessarily approve of president trump as a person as an individual but look at what he's doing look at the results of this honestly what I said during the election season two thousand sixteen. I'm a results person show me results and I'll declare you the winner and president trump a short he does things that I wish you wouldn't kill about although we do have a fun thing about this Alabama he kept fighting and and now he's gonna win because because he always does this all Alabama thank president trump sent out a tweet days ago now and he said something about Alabama now there is a about how how in the hurricane how the hell of the hurricane could hit Alabama right. now the news media has gone mentally insane over this whole Alabama hurricane thing nobody was and and that's I I had to share with you some people texting and stuff the original maps showed the bird can good go across the peninsula of the state of Florida go up into the the southern states Alabama Mississippi Louisiana and president trump saw that to any any sent out a tweet worry mentioned Alabama right and the news media's been going mental over this ever since I mean MSNBC is on watchable to begin with but they've rendered themselves completely I watch what I I tried to tune in this morning to get some sound bites of idiots saying crazy things that I had to turn the channel because it was just mental it's just it's a dangerously stupid stuff that they're putting out there and they've gone wall to wall I mean how many hours today do the that is CNN and MSNBC with all of the the craziness about president trump sweet they're calling it sure be gate right big at the gate they attach were get to it because the president made mention said you know what I got kind of casually to was it a tweet of course that Alabama should look out to where the here that I saw it on the news repeatedly I saw the map graphics that showed some of the spaghetti strings going across Florida and going up into the southern states and Alabama's right next to the Florida panhandle and pan handle that Mississippi and and then of course Louisiana and some of these these map graphics showed the spaghetti strings going up there president trump saw that and he saw reporting on now MSNBC and CNN been going crazy nobody ever said Alabama was in danger nobody ever showed a drop made that up he's a lot you know I could do a montage of gone for an hour of Joe Scarborough saying he's lying about about sure be gate and it's it's the most nonsensical bunch of stuff well. in any event I mean I I said a couple days ago when this thing was first simmering. that of course president trump sought I saw I saw the maps I saw the news reports CNN and MSNBC have been screaming and ripping their own eyeballs out with their fingers you know nobody ever said there's nobody ever said nobody ever said okay okay well today they had to come in don lemon had who is at the hurricane center guy don lemon has got there or it's is whether it's there whether they're on whether guy on Santa. Derek Van Dam no relation and he that dear here's Derek Van Dam I'm don lemon this is about five days ago. it's the twenty eighth and they're talking about the impending disaster that does hurricane Dorian and here it is I'm not this won't shut him up because you can play this form all day long and they just it's like they don't hear it I am you can the pin their eyeballs open like can clockwork orange and make them walk it watch it over and over again and still they they don't their brains do not work as brains are supposed to work they do not behave as adults are supposed to be have. don lemon and you know Jason van Doren or somebody. not talking about the weather so we're talking about the potential of the strong getting really big and we don't know exactly John where the storm is going to hit but there are many states are under threat right now there. six from the Carolinas right through Georgia coast line into Florida certainly and then also even into Mexico Louisiana Alabama Mississippi units to be on the look out this is the projected cut in the time frame here is Sunday evening into Monday morning with the potential landfall computer models putting central Florida on its radar scope but it really has so many factors so many different steering currents that will guide the storm over the coming days we're going to keep making alterations to the path so be on alert from Carolina's right to Florida eventually involve close is well done and eventually to the Gulf coast as well down in Alabama and I'm sorry did you mention Alabama specifically in there so maybe the president was watching CNN and he got his misinformation from CNN maybe the president was a victim of fake news being inflicted upon a great and god fearing nation by fake news don lemon and fake news Jason and the Argonauts or whatever his name is Derek Van Dam is there a vast very dramatic name Derek Van Dam Louisiana Alabama Mississippi units to be on the look out Louisiana Alabama Mississippi and then did you say well CNN was attacking president trump for saying Alabama when nobody ever said Alabama right there for days on this they've been attacking the present they're the biggest liars I gotta tell you and then there was a great moment because CNN put up a map graphic of the of the region in the southeastern United States thank you see there is Florida and there's a big hurricane thank and there's the map then there's Georgia and they got a little thing says Florida case you don't know what it is and little thing that says Georgia and then right next to it on the left it's got a little thing that says Mississippi except that's on Alabama. so whoever is making the graphics at CNN first of all they're the ones going around saying Alabama is in the cross hairs he also mention Louisiana and Mississippi just by the way you know why you did that because of the graphics showing the possible roots of the hurricane show that that's why he said that he didn't do anything wrong nor did president trump when he mentioned Alabama the news media's been slaughtering him for the last six days or something over this and there is the audio proof and there's video too that shows that CNN was talking about the map graphic shows that were released by the government the president saw that at a mention Alabama and they've been torturing him ever since over the word Alabama. so I I got I got to tell you and then CNN labels Alabama Mississippi on the map because they're illiterate they are geographically illiterate their and their their intellectually bankrupt there bereft of education and those flyover states say they just want to abort all the the people there and be.

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