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Okay. Yeah. I guess child then forced I point point. out, and he was just very good translator of Greek in general. It was noted by the biographies that I read that he was able to slow of the poetry and the rhythms of Greek at the expense of a literal translation and all the students struggled with an example was the phrase punt also through atolls, which appears in Hermosillo on us main. See that's easy through Bitola is an adjective, meaning something Lang yielding a harvest or unfruitful and the literal. Translation element gives is the sea from which one does no grapes. Oscar, translated it as the vintage -able. Save. Unwritten to to which kids lovely and also. Anyway. So yes, he goes off to trinity, and then Oxford and continues to be clever there, but he also doesn't really apply himself very much. She's a medically studios. He's just very very smart to some degree. This might have been oppose like he wanted to seem like he was never studying oh in the library and things like that to some degree, it it isn't. He went off to Greece for example, over the break with his shooter from trinity Mahaffey when he was an Oxford, and he was meant to come back in time for classes to start as you do. And he doesn't. And he wrote to his chooses saying seeing Greece's really a great education for anyone. And we'll I think benefit me greatly. And Mr. Mahaffey is such a clue AMAN than it is quite as good as going to lectures to be in his -ociety, and he is suspended and find his skull should fear fair enough. This isn't to say that he doesn't like being an Oxford though in day profundis, which is a text that wrote in prison. We will talk about it next episode when he'll be in prison Pibor except the two turning points of my life will and my father sent me to Oxford, and when society sent me to prison, I mean, I feel like not doing a lot of work at yearly. But still feeling that it was a great and formative experiences Philly universe. Yeah. Yeah. We're all having. Like five issues. Plunging classics. What what that's lie. He exposed a bunch of different social activities while his oxyde, for example. He's briefly involved with rowing team. But he's dismissed after being determined to keep very leisurely pace as opposed to rowing very forest. It's also exhorted to keep a straight back while rowing and replies. I'm sure the Greeks never did. So it's Almaz. Salomon's being a famous seabattle Mobile's sounds like a noxious man link. Yeah. But we don't have to hang out with him. We just get to read about men weenies. So it's that's true. It does seem like people either get like intensely devoted to him. And think he's great or I'll I can not go by. Yeah. Very polarizing, man. He would later be asked what types of exercise what type of outdoor games. He enjoyed and replies. I'm afraid I play no outdoor games at all. Except domino's. I sometimes play dominos outside French cafes. I liked that a lot is most important interest while he's at Oxford. However after is not a sport, but an intellectual and autism commitment that is so the popular line of thinking about off of the Victorian period is that ought function in society is to essentially play a moral role succeeds fails on how successfully it provides a moral message aesthetics ISM was very directly opposed to this. It believed that had nothing to do with morality whatsoever and the quality of art instead depended on its beauty and the success of our on the pleasure that its beauty of vote in the person who can shoot it. Okay. I don't feel. I'm in my position here. Okay. Status is Uh-huh. gene. General goals about is encapsulated in the motto art for art's sake. And this is quite dangerous at the time. It means essentially that any idea no matter how immoral can be celebrated and accepted in awe. Few accepts the aesthetic point of view. Like, I feel there's a sort of complicated middle position that where there's also a value of art, which is not beautiful. But right. The some idea or explored something that is not beautiful all moral and is still valuable. I mean, I think that is inevitably going to express social points of view and moral ages, regardless of whether you're aiming or two so the follow is of this movement, the estates student just experience this as a philosophy or a way of making the Ave made..

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