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I'm going to say i've been i've been looking at this card and i've been racking my brains because one of a few times that i'm truly bias i'm just gonna be flat out and say it i'm biased this fight and i look at it and might take on on michael is is that you know i've already said he did not beating anderson silver then he got it he got a fight would luke rock hold i thought it was a lucky punch the ganim or luc raw code and then he got the fight dan henderson at the very end of his career and i thought he lost a dan henderson and so and then when i look at every one in a top fifteen i don't think he's i don't think he really could beat anyone in the top fifteen but he's fighting george st pierre and i know normally of you said oh someone's veins or saintpierre you would instantly say oh boy george is going to kill whoever you fight but you're fighting a george saintpierre who's going to be the much smaller man and who's going to have ring russ and and i don't care what anyone says there is a true thing co about rain russ it's going to take a round or two for gsp to get his timing down and so that's the thing i've been scratch my head on when i think about is going to win this fight you gotta take in he's a much smaller man and a ring russ now when you first look at despite what did you look at when it was first announced i was really excited because i've i've been following both fighters career for a long time michael bring the ever since he was on alternate fighter three and dorsey emperor ever since he fired matt hughes for the first time in lhasa title loss for the fa title but the biggest thing obviously for me.

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