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Adt <Speech_Female> <Advertisement> LEARN MORE <Speech_Female> AT ADT DOT <Speech_Female> com slash podcast. <Silence> <Advertisement> <Speech_Female> <Advertisement> Here's <Speech_Female> another story. I want <Speech_Music_Female> you to know <Speech_Music_Female> <SpeakerChange> <Speech_Music_Female> anyone <Speech_Female> has ever seen a cider. <Speech_Female> Bullet thrown by <Speech_Female> PAT. Mahomes KNOWS <Speech_Female> WHY? It's <Speech_Female> one of the most celebrated <Speech_Female> sites <Speech_Music_Female> in football <Speech_Music_Female> but in Baseball. <Speech_Music_Female> <Advertisement> The motion <Speech_Music_Female> <Advertisement> is still divisive <Speech_Music_Female> and <Speech_Female> thanks to new rules. <Speech_Female> Mlb <Speech_Music_Female> It might be more <Speech_Music_Female> endangered than <Speech_Music_Female> ever. Which <Speech_Female> is why. I was fascinated <Speech_Music_Female> by a piece in the New York <Speech_Female> Times by Danielle <Speech_Female> <Advertisement> Allen. Talk about a <Speech_Female> <Advertisement> group called side arm. <Speech_Female> <Advertisement> Nation <Speech_Music_Female> <Advertisement> an organization that <Speech_Music_Female> <Advertisement> facilitates discussion <Speech_Female> and holds camps <Speech_Female> for pitchers <Speech_Female> who throw sidearm <Speech_Female> or submarine. <Speech_Music_Female> Which is that almost <Speech_Music_Female> upside down <Speech_Music_Female> looking angle. <Speech_Music_Female> It's a place <Speech_Female> for them to develop their <Speech_Female> skills and <Speech_Female> <Speech_Female> feel like they belong. <Speech_Female> I mean consider this <Speech_Female> quote from one of the camps <Speech_Female> instructors <Speech_Female> a former submarine <Speech_Female> pitcher in the White Sox <Speech_Female> organization <Speech_Female> named Ronnie Morales. <Speech_Female> <Speech_Female> Who told Allan Talk? <Speech_Female> We're like <Speech_Female> the field goal kickers <Speech_Female> of baseball. <Speech_Female> Go over to the side <Speech_Female> and work on our stuff. <Speech_Female> No one <Speech_Female> wants to play catch <Speech_Female> with us <Speech_Female> as chronicled <Speech_Female> in her story. <Speech_Music_Female> Many sidearm pitchers <Speech_Female> are self taught. <Speech_Female> So the group gives <Speech_Music_Female> them a forum to workshop <Speech_Music_Female> their craft <Speech_Music_Female> which is <Speech_Female> necessary because there <Speech_Female> are so few of them. <Speech_Female> According to Allensbach <Speech_Female> fewer than a dozen sidearm <Speech_Female> pitchers appeared <Speech_Female> in the majors last <Speech_Music_Female> year and <Speech_Music_Female> even fewer pitch <Speech_Music_Female> <Advertisement> submarine style. <Speech_Music_Female> <Advertisement> Some recent <Speech_Music_Female> examples include <Speech_Music_Female> <Advertisement> the pirates can <Speech_Music_Female> tackle V. The diamondbacks <Speech_Music_Female> Brad Ziegler <Speech_Music_Female> and most <Speech_Music_Female> recently the Astros <Speech_Music_Female> Joe Smith <Speech_Music_Female> notably. <Speech_Music_Female> All <Speech_Music_Female> of those players are relievers <Speech_Music_Female> <Speech_Female> because of their niche abilities. <Speech_Female> Sidearm <Speech_Female> or submarine pitchers <Speech_Female> only come into games <Speech_Music_Female> to face specific <Speech_Music_Female> <Advertisement> batters <Speech_Female> <Advertisement> which is why are they might be <Speech_Female> <Advertisement> marginalized even more <Speech_Female> now that. Mova's <Speech_Female> <Advertisement> implemented rules <Speech_Female> <Advertisement> requiring relief <Speech_Female> pitchers to face <Speech_Female> at least three <Speech_Female> batters before the <Speech_Music_Female> removed <Speech_Female> making it less likely <Speech_Female> for managers to call <Speech_Music_Female> on a specialist <Speech_Female> an unusual pitch <Speech_Female> which means <Speech_Female> they might be facing <Speech_Female> extinction unless <Speech_Female> they can make a <Speech_Female> case that they're more <Speech_Female> than just a side show <Speech_Female> which I <Speech_Female> hope is possible <Speech_Female> because baseball is more <Speech_Music_Female> fun. When <SpeakerChange> you've got guys <Speech_Music_Female> changing it up. <Music> <Advertisement> <Music> <Advertisement> <Music> <Advertisement> <Speech_Music_Female> <Speech_Female> I mean times and this <Speech_Female> has been. Espn daily. <Speech_Female> <SpeakerChange> I'll talk <Music>

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