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Co host of the National and uncovered bomb on board board recently at the hot Docs podcast festival in Toronto. I had the chance to share the stage with five incredible journalists from. CBC PODCASTS Josh. Block host of uncover escaping nexium Connie Walker the host of missing and murdered Justin Ling host of uncovered the village Michelle Shepherd separate host of uncovers Sharma knee and Damon fearless host of hunting warhead. If you haven't listened to these check them out I have heard all of them and they are riveting. These five journalists spent months sometimes even years digging investigating trying to uncover the truth in this bonus. Episode you're going to hear brand new stories. He's from some of the best investigative journalists and podcasters and those moments. Still keep them up at night whether it's trying to understand how a childhood friend found found herself recruiting for cult bearing witness to the life and death of a young creek girl or shining light on the darkest corners of the Internet. I I up Josh Block and uncover escaping nexium so one night in the middle of our investigation into nexium. I lay awake in bed with this terrifying feeling that I had been duped. I if you haven't heard the podcast I I learned about nexium from a childhood friend of Mine Sarah Edmonson when I ran into her two years ago the group calls themself a self help group but the FBI calls them a cult. It was just weeks after she had made this dramatic exit from the group and at that time little was known about nexium. There were notorious for going after people who would speak out about them but Sarah wanted to talk and I started recording conversations. So how how. How are you holding up? I don't even have word. Just love embarrassment. A lot of regrets for not following my gut instinct at the beginning A lot of shame that I missed the red flags and then I brought so many people to it so Sarah told me how she was a part of this group for twelve years. She was one of their star recruiters. She recruited two thousand people went to the organization. She described how she opened up a nexium center in in Vancouver. which at one point was the largest center for nexium outside of its headquarters in Albany New York and eventually she was recruited into the secret? Women's group called Dos where she was branded on her body with the initials of the group's leader keeps were nearly who everyone called vanguard in October of two thousand seventeen. Sarah Zero was on the front page of the New York Times. Her jeans were flat down to reveal the brand on her pelvis and the story that she told me in the story that she told The New York Times was was about a woman who was deceived. She was manipulated and coerced and had finally come forward as a whistleblower. But the night that I lay awake in bed I wondered if there was a different story. It was a question that our team had asked ourselves before but today was different. So that morning we'd received an anonymous encrypted letter that was sent sent to the CBC dropbox and my producer Kathleen Gold Har- rented out to the team. Said Hi Miss Sarah Edmonson Vancouver. Actress has been in the news recently featured by the New York Times for her role in the sex mind control cult nexium inner statements about her involvement with Nexium Edmonson mostly claims to be a victim. But but the truth is she and several colleagues were ruthless recruiters for Mr Rene Nexium. For many years. They use bullying tactics. High pressured sales pitches which is defamation and trickery as interesting why what prompted us. They're wanting us to see another side of this so the letter claim that Sarah was reframing her story to make herself look innocent. A claim that Sarah was far more culpable than she was leading on. I didn't know who the letter came from more to what extent it was true but I lay awake in bed that night wondering about the story Sarah been telling me and was her version of events the entire truth. Is it possible. Awesome that my connection to Sarah was making me miss something that other people could see as the FBI released more information about nexium. This feeling persisted. We we learned that Keith. Bernardi maintained a Harem. Fifteen to twenty women all female leaders in the group and I thought. How is it possible that Sarah is not aware that this was going on? She'd been part of Nexium for a decade. She ran their nexium center. She was one of the leaders in the organization. Could Sarah have been one of these secret. Lovers was she involved in grooming women to become kice partner. I was worried that the upcoming trial was going to reveal that we got the story totally wrong. But I've been misled that this would it'll be the first and the last podcast that they ever did. Then in May of this year kice trial began in a federal courthouse in Brooklyn finally finally the most secret inner workings of this group. We're going to be exposed. A former NEXIUM member for Mexico. told the court how she was confined to a room for two years. Here's another former member of nexium testified how she was instructed to seduce. Keith were neary and threatened that if she didn't follow through on that order damaging information would be released to the public about her. We learned about how Keith Rainier groomed underage girls and kept nude photos of them on his computer and the prosecution played audio and video recordings showing just how manipulative Keith. Rainier was in one particular conversation he had with actress. Allison mack was also a high level member member of the group. He instructed her exactly how he wanted. Women like Sarah to be branded on their bodies also of course videoing videoing it from different angles or whatever it gives. Collateral probably should be a more vulnerable herbal position thing on the back leg slightly spur legs spread straight like the beeping Helton side of the table able and probably above the head being held almost like tied down like a sacrificial whatever and the person should ask to be branded should say please please brand meat would be an honor or something like that. An honor I wanNA wear for the rest of my life and is you're probably say that before were there held down doesn't seem like they're being coerced so sitting in that packed courtroom. A few things became quickly clear one key through near used secrecy and information to control and manipulate people in the group to what was actually going on inside. This group was far far worse than anything Sarah had ever told me and three. It wasn't just Sarah that was in the dark to hear how other high ranking members of Nexium people who had actually given up their lives and move to Albany to be close to key through neary even them they were in the dark about what was going on inside this group. So my anxiety about Sara. Sara knew more than she's letting on shifted. I left that trial with a new question. How could it be that an entire organization could be duped this way all these people who lived and worked around key through nearly all day in this little suburb in Albany? How could they not have known about the sex trafficking and the forcible confinement environment and the manipulation and the underage girls secrecy and information control is an essential ingredient to how these kinds of groups operate that is why people who aren't keeper neary or part of his inner circle has such limited insight into what was going on inside this group? This explains a lot about what was going on with Sarah and perhaps I would have slept better having known this earlier on in our process for twelve years my childhood friend Sarah Edmonson had been sold and was selling version of that just never existed. It's only when a group like this collapses that the secrets are revealed and members like Sarah have to really reckon with how they were deceived. Not Know Anything. Not It'd be told and then this child just disappear into thin air now. I've done a lot of reporting on missing winging murdered indigenous women and girls but I've never heard a story like this before. What do you do with a complete strangers? Come and grab abuser car. Wash your godmother way and they take you away she was crying she tried to hitchhike back to little pine back onto the reserve user but was picked up raped and murdered a left by the side of the road. She grabbed her brother's jacket and the jacket was found floating.

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