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You need to stop throwing spaghetti against the wall and playing the volume game and using an effective well-thought-out digital writing strategy to make sure you get and keep their attention hannah thanks so much for your time investments today and i want to welcome you to the higher power radio community now. What would be the best way in which members of the audience can reach you. I'm all over lincoln. And as far as i'm the only hannah priors. They can find me there. And i do have a website. It's called the recruiters copy clinic. It's not just for recruiters. Its founders entrepreneurs business leaders. Anyone who gets involved in hiring can has any interest in talking about their sales messaging. If you go to recruiters copy clinic dot com you can find out more. they're awesome. Well i want to thank our listening audience for this week's episode of higher power quick. Thanks to our team. Brian colbourne andrea balance and illegit yard. If you're listening to.

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