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Who students i guess at each off time that they gave him so many seconds and however many footballs you could chuck through the whole and the big soda can whoever did the most got one hundred thousand dollars worth a scholarship to their school and the runnerup gut 25000 so instead i mean when you think about thrown a football what do you think do you think about taking it in whichever is your dominant hand putting it behind your ear and thrown at right well these kids were chest passionate both hands on the football right from the justin thrown at through and i hear people just rail on on that so like they should throw it like a football lay two hundred thousand i mean you know rick berry used to shoot free throws underhandedness i mean he got some chin music but he still plaguing the bigs for a long time anyway i guess one of the winners rachel burns goes to the university of toledo so some of that cash coming right here it was the big twelve championship game in texas she won the prize she's a pharmacy student and a holland native sowa good stuff and congratulations because i mean whose happier there you think rachel burns students happier or mr and mrs burns mom and dad i'm thinking mom and dad are pretty geek did that i may be wrong anyway a buck guys coming fifth according to the committee so not going to be a national championship this year but you're looking at the cotton bowl now right 29th and if you want to go solve this early on you can go to a house state uh get in line for tickets say there is a public public waiting lists for cotton bowl tickets you can see that online at go dot osu dot eu apparently the university got thirteen thousand tickets for the game sailed priority goes to season ticket holders faculty then students and of course travel agencies they're already chomping at the bit they expect the sell out and they'll have allinclusive packages for fans out no i haven't seen the number on how long it's been uh but you know you got used to going to arizona that fiesta bowl thing was like ads just where we live now.

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