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So basically what do you noticed pat scientists have gone some amusing research year they found the people that he korea pain it's support their memory it actually helped the blame and utilized oxygen better it support memory of people that are leap the product it's pretty sure you know people and numbers quicker and for a longer period of time without mental fatigue get to study pat because five these five days of eight grams of korea to give to put it middle test been subject so we're getting rapid fire question scientist we're gon man to questions i'm trying to questions over and over and over i'm a fan on to focus on korea team didn't the biggest quickly mentally so this is amazing stuff every charges all your so you were battery sold you're still issues in oregon have more readily available and i dont i love that ever strong appeal stay athletes and people want to get more reps in the gm maybe get some extra power in the workouts but you're also saying there's a big portion attrition all community to encourage people in the forties fifty sixty seventies an even eighties to leverage the power of korea team to stay fit strong unhealthy but you say korea tiene is going mainstream you know i sure the story with a before my mom who's in or late seventies now she's taking korea team she works out a couple of days a week she does the free weights because she's got a steal pero su she wants to maintain her muscle mass and he wants to maker bone stronger and as you pointed out korea team helps to do that and then the other three days during the week show go in shore sweat not she's not trying to get bigger strong or anything like that but even at her age korea team has benefits throw yeah and what blows me away about that story cruz you told me before is in her medical doctor recommended team porter and that's just goes to show how much more mainstream is is it all the every strong and it's supports the the mavs halted support your power your strength your should be if you're an athlete you're certainly going all of it but even if you're not medically you noticed a difference let's go to another study one more reviews starting out of the journal hard to aging science december two thousand thirtieth the researchers look.

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