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Swing around there. I saw the Wildcats for the second week in a row lose the coin toss and we'll start off at s-, and they will the family south end here at Ryan field. Move from our right to our left for the first series of the game. Typewriter Athletico fiscal therapy injury update. I'm Linda offers free injury. Screenings at all locations. Visit Athletico dot com for location nearest you bet. You Alex filler out tackle, Pat Oxley also out both those guys were out last week trait. Pugh super back is out and the three offensive line rates were shots later. I think we upgrade him for questionable to probable or definite. I guess probably downward at Tommy dolls like hands who are listed as questionable. Again. You heard coach bits tell us the break. They're both. Urgency situation, we could possibly see here tonight. Beautiful night. Hats. Where they're all black uniforms purple helmets. Purple is it not at black jerseys black pants white roles, white lettering colors for Akron, agreed and blue. They are wearing white jerseys with. Well, like gold pants white helmets. The zips will be kicking off off for the zips. Jerry fitschen. Richard is a redshirt sophomore. Zero touch Bax last week. They actually use it a couple of kickers. Back deep for the Wildcats. It will be Cairo. Mcgowan at Gleneagles Santana. We saw last week. Galax standing on the air hash, Mark. Right out the goal line up around the five of the far. We're ready to go. Absolutely pudding left to right. Richard kickoff. Hope you enjoy it game. Number three for the Wildcats as they try to get back in the win column here tonight. Fitschen? With a run up the swing swinging the leg and we're underway at allied Dr cooking towards my gallon about nine yards deep in the end zone. Where it makes the over the shoulder catch at touches the knee down. Wildcats. We'll start twenty five yard line be getting escape. Dave. There's always a couple of guys you have to make sure you you gain plan for and one of those guys you mentioned is they're leading tackler from a year ago leading tackler so far this year and that's their Sam linebacker Gilbert. Ulysses Gilbert, sometimes you'll see him play out in space to mainly a Sam linebacker, but that's one guy. Number five you keep your eye on. Stack to the left side two receivers right with Cam green in.

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