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Remember, she had been accused, and then header conviction overturned, sorry convicted and then had her conviction overturned killing a roommate now. She served four years in prison for the murder, and assault on one of her roommates, she left Italy, when she was acquitted was later found guilty again, in a censure in a third trial finally exonerated by the Italian supreme court makes the brilliant decision to go back to Italy to speak to the Italian innocence. The project and then as a maze, when all of the Italian media show up when she shows up, and she said that she was a stressed out by the fact that she was the media, firestorm surrounding her return to Italy. She said she was traumatized by it all. Well, we told you about the incident at the raptors warriors game last night when Toronto went ahead to capture its first title in team history, the MBA in Toronto rapper say they raptors say they are cooperating with authorities who are investigating whether the raptors team president pushed and hit a sheriff's deputy in the face as he tried to get onto the court after the teams championship victory. They say that the league is in contact with the rapper with the raptors and with the authorities of their in Oakland investigating the video itself. I think we've got it up on the KFI website. It's pretty amazing. Because the, the deputies are trying to make sure that. Whoever's on the court has the correct credentials to be on the court. I wouldn't have recognized what you have recognized. This guy is being the president of the Toronto Raptors. No, no. But I can't probably picture one NBA team president in my in my head. No. Why would you. Why would you put that expectation on a on an Alameda County sheriff's deputy that he's going to know who this guy was? And the, the V idea, if, in fact, he is he did shove and hit that deputy he's going to be in a lot of trouble. Not just with the, you know, with the prosecutor in Alameda County, he's going to be in trouble with the NBA. I mean, this was the same floor. This was the same place that, that minority owner in the in the warriors. Shoved one of the raptors players FD fell into the crowd a couple of weeks ago. We told you about the president's plan to re design Air Force One, of course, the design by Jackie Kennedy back in the day, and he got a little bit of heat. I mean how dare you take Jackie O's work away. So he did an interview with FOX and friends, and he said it was Jackie O announced, good. But we have our own Jackie O today. It's called Milania. It's called Milania. We'll call it Milania TI. Okay. Thirty said, it's called Milan. So Jackie O is trending of course because everyone wants to lose their mind. This what we do in two thousand nineteen also making the news is it's christy's birthday so happy birthday to Christie. What's great is Christie over here, went, oh somebody else here name Christie was also having a birthday. That's really neat. That's really cool. We have all of our swamp watch stuff to get through at the bottom of the hour. When we come back, we're going to talk with Donny. The general manager here at HQ gas Republic, you haven't picked out your lunch yet. We'll have some suggestions, where you're just a minute. Gary and Shannon will continue and Amy king has an update from the newsroom. Britain has backed President Trump's claims that Iran is behind to attacks on oil tankers in the Gulf of Oman. UK foreign secretary Jeremy hunt says they will do an individual assessment, but there's no reason to doubt Trump's conclusion ran has denied it. The twenty candidates who qualified for the first democratic debate have been split into two groups for two debates on the twenty sixth than twenty-seven, Cory Booker, Elizabeth worm. And Baidoa Rourke are the bigger names in the first group. Former VP Joe Biden, commonly Harris mayor, Pete Buddha, judge, and Senator Bernie Sanders are in the second group. The Ritz Carlton, Half Moon bay has been ordered to shell out one point six million dollars for preventing people from accessing the beach for nearly twenty years. The California coastal commission has also ordered the upscale hotels, add more public parking and allow beachgoers access to the hotel garage. Get some trouble on the five. We'll.

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