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To throw it again, Fires the ball down the field toward the end zone, and it's gonna be caught. Jordan Pouncey has a touchdown catch thrown from Anthony Richardson. This thing was over and done with Oklahoma guys. Rolled all over Florida. 55 20 was the final score in this thing, guys the running game for Oklahoma. They had 40 rushes for 435 yards. Wow! On an SEC deep pits. They got hammered. 55 20 was the final score. This one couch. Trask was benched in this game, Guys 16 to 21 58 it three picks all of them in the first quarter. One of them was a pick six. Wisconsin beat wig forced by 14 points off the field. The play Clemson offensive coordinator 2020 Elliot, he's not could be at the college football similar, found the Sugar Bowl because he tested positive. The coronavirus in the NFL. Dalvin cook not expected to be playing and week 17 unexpected family emergency came up a couple days ago. So he is now with this family returning to Miami College basketball tonight. Ohio State Big over Nebraska 92 54 Virginia topples Notre Dame 66 to 57 in the NBA Lakers with the Spurs in San Antonio by 14 points. Check this out. Hauritz, 1 18 Dallas 99 Mavericks or one in three on the season. Wow! He'd get revenge. They beat the bucks. 1 19. 210, can you guys guess right now, um, who? The only team right now The MBA is that's undefeated. Who all I actually know the answer because I saw it last night, Did you? Yeah, Arnie, you could go first Cleveland, but they lost to the next the Orlando Magic. No magic for no Clippers right now. 90 to 67 or the Portland Trail Blazers this game right now. Is in the third quarter. Quite let it's got 22 points and C. J. McCollum has 20 of his own. But man just blobs up and down the MBA schedule. Boston by 19 over the Memphis Grizzlies, 1 26 to 1 of those seven guys back to you. All right, Thanks for the Gascon Welcome back to the Fox Sports Radio studios. It's brought to you by Geico. It's he's is, Say 15% of more car insurance with Geico. Just go to Geico dot com or give them a call 1 809 47 Auto The only hard part figuring out which way is easier getting a lot on Twitter, Brendan says, Um as for athlete fan disconnected, like to see a meet and greet for about 15 minutes prior to each game. Um, it's time, but we make these athletes remember. They're part of the people and the fans that come to see the athletes are part of them Also. Yeah, that's nice. I'm very tourism is never gonna happen, though, you know. Yeah, but I think it should. I mean, listen, I think it should I think that listen. Athletes. They work at their craft. They're great at what they do. But at the end of the day, it is still the fans. Whether it's literally showing up at the arena, literally turning on the TV, literally buying their jersey that pay their salary. And so I don't think it's wrong. I don't think everything has to be a Nike sponsored event where you only show up. If you're getting paid like this. This, I think Should be part of the deal, and I don't know if it's every game. If it's one or two guys, if you're hurt what it is, I don't think it's a bad thing known. Why does it have to It doesn't only by the way have to be the MBA. Major League baseball. There's 162 games. There's there's pictures that don't pitch every single day. Send them out for an autograph for a little bit. If a guy's on the DL like there's got to be what I just think I do think that athletes too much in 2020. In all sports is not just the MBA. We just the conversation with the MBA have lost touch with kind of who they're playing for. And what's all about something pathetic. Coward again says I'm sorry, but could someone explain to me all the media love for Sam Darnell's? What has he done? Not one damn thing. The same people that go out of the way to make Donald the greatest white hope are the same people who don't like that Prescott. Explain the differences that Prescott wants $40 million a year. Sam Donald is on a rookie contract that same Darnell's wanted 35 to $40 million a year. We'd be laughing it's and daughters also wouldn't we thought we would be we would be, And that's the thing you know is that first of all, you know me. I've never been a fan of stamp. Donald. I would take Justin Fields with that second pick if it was me in charge of the Jets. I don't know if you know I'm not in charge The Jets, though, but, you know, I'm not Sam Donald guy, But you're right is like Jack. I love deck. We all love deck, but yes, for $40 million here. You wanna be the highest paid player in the league? Sorry, not happening. The cowboy's gonna bring him back, though. Are they gonna give like a one year franchise tag again, or are they gonna get my contract? I don't think Jerry Jones is gonna get in the big time contract. What was the quote he had yesterday You talked about it, Arnie Hey, mentioned on the local station that he goes on the one I used to work for that, Um, sometimes it's OK to pay somebody. But you just can't overpaid because it takes away from some of the other positions. I'm kind of paraphrasing there. Yeah, I mean, you know, there's got to be a happy medium and we listen. Guess what's going on in Philly right now. They're screwed because they got to figure out what to do with the 4. 30, whatever million dollar quarterback that is now the second best quarterback on their roster..

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