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God, God and my country and my fellow humans, people, people that I love. Which is everybody that needs all of you. I'm here to unite. Joe Biden won the state by more than 10,000 votes and the results were certified. Last month, eight court challenges to the election result in the state have been dismissed Coronavirus in Arizona Arizona's coronavirus death toll Nearing 10,000 After a large spike in deaths today, 126 new deaths reported today, bringing the state's steps hold to 9444 7206 new cases also recorded the Morning along with more than 20,300 new diagnostic tests Cove in 19 related hospital metrics still trending upward with a new record number of impatience, However, both I see you bet and ventilator use did see a slight dip overnight. Taylor Kepner up key to our news word today from the Federal Transit Administration that it's presenting a half billion dollar grant for the South Mountain extension of the Phoenix light rail project. On the subject of transit. Let's get the latest on traffic live from the Valley Chevy Dealers Traffic Center with Monica Read. Yeah, it's been a rough one on the north End of the Valley today, but a South found three or three is fully reopened. Now at Lake Pleasant Parkway, the investigation for a police incident there has finished up so South bound three or three reopened. North bound was never close here. Okay there, But now a couple new things. Happy Valley east of 29th Avenue. There's a crash. And a nice 17 north bound north of the 303. The H O V and left lanes are blackthorn accident involving a motorcycles. You've got two right lanes open north bound. I 70 north of the 303. You could use North Bound Valley Parkway and then re enter the 17 past the crash at Dove Valley Road. This.

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