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Thirty four thirty five and So he wants his. His tied of santa bill was that he had a house up here on capterra and he was instrumental in nineteen forty five and getting the ding darling. National wildlife refuge authorized and then also protected as the santa bella national wildlife refuge and then later after he passed away in nineteen sixty seven. Pass away and sixty three and then sixty seven they changed. It changed the name from santa bill. National wildlife refuge to the aren't very nice nominee. Ask the dumbest question of the day. And she's used to me asking these questions she's up here. And how do you get there. How do you get there from here from here. Well coming over from santa bell island. You'll it will turn right at the causeway all perry winkle way head straight on down to To tarpon bay road take a right and then take a left on santa bell captive road. And we're on the right hand side about two miles down. What's the biggest fish i've ever caught. Probably a say it probably might Tarpon is probably about a fifty sixty sixty sixty pounds sharpens. How long. How long did it take you to pull it in. Oh not terribly long. Maybe ten ten minutes really not to take a couple of hours. I mean look our spaghetti arm. I wish i could bigger with. Yeah so where did you catch it out here in tarpon bay okay. I didn't know what he did. We miss anything about ding. Darling in you. And congratulations on the position. I know you've been kind of in the acting positions for a while and So that's that's gotta be gotta be good to be the cato. It is I i. I'm i'm beyond words To to to really say i. I really This place has a place in my special in my heart. And i never did. I think that i would come back after. I left in two thousand eight and became a manager up in charleston south carolina cape romain national wildlife refuge. Never did. i think i'd be able to come back to be the manager here being in my career and things just fell into place dream job. I yeah i it is case. I have to say i've got the best. You know my staff. They're just i. It's smaller than going. It is rebuilding our staff. I mean we've We've been going through a workforce plan part of this Of job now because it is the project leader for southwest. Florida refuges is part of that reorganization and and So my job really i. Initiative is really to to rebuild our staff and get our capacity. We've we've suffered in the last love. I'm gonna look at this job. I knew you have an internship program right. people can't apply for internships. That's right you know. We have interns throughout the year..

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