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List goes on and on garrett cole got a nice arm really nice arm but still he's now pitching at peak levels ability fact when when when he pitches when cole pitches he's nine and one but the astros are fourteen and two when he takes them out he's got the astros are better luck next time never one better luck next time better luck next time the marlins you guys suck derrick jeeter yeah jeeter jeeter better luck next time jeeter here's your participation trophy i just can't give the braves the credit i know i'm supposed to i don't i don't i don't believe it i don't buy it i mean i do i really think gave kaplan the phillies we're going to take him down no i think the nationals will but they've law they've only won like three of their last eleven games i don't i'm sorry clue by the braves nice try yeah hello cleveland indians you man greg greg lake charles man man man the indians are not a bad baseball team they played a lot better of late but they're not a great baseball team and they're in such a division all the top of your head don't look can either you james to name the second best team all central either standing up so i'll take myself out of this conversation ward it's so bad i think it's the twins right it has been there below five hundred thirty four and forty one is the twins record and they are in second place l central one more than we'll close out this bad boy oh so close so close diamondbacks touted accident a nice team they've been up and down they'd been inconsistent but as i said earlier the return of justin turner has fueled a dodgers offense at set a whole bunch of records for home runs home runs in a game home runs in a month they've been remarkable in clayton kershaw is just getting back to form so as much as i respect the diamondbacks they can just couldn't quite make the list i'm good i'm gonna radio a close is there closest thing so what does the segments have closes james before you leave us just woken just five thanks that's all guy do it's your member five th fumbled the week bum the week has a close i'm going to win the award i'm so good at no i'm not all right if you if you want to defend the honor of your baseball team who you think the best in baseball is there should have on the list eight five five two one two four cbs milwaukee if you wanna thank me for putting you on their that'd be nice eight five five two one two four cbs gonna take your phone calls and then off of austin rivers being traded by his father going to get into this idea of family in sports and when it works and when it does not we'll continue that conversation we'll get into that conversation here on the show.

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