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Or not healthy choices a convenient store that's coming quite a thing of the past more retailers are offering reasonably priced fit that's relatively healthy all the time in fact most recently seven eleven teaming up with us tony horton that's the guy victory atp ninety access to put better choices on their selves like cold presence use him in high five or salads high protein routes and they're all relatively recently price to and they joined the ranks of paul martin targeting further unsafe was stores all trying to do the same so so much for our but i'm on the road i've got a grabbing hamburger idea not necessarily he can eat healthy even on the road where to look that's the core of here's another moment from the tom bernard podcast i wish him in at bats steve store you want to do that it kaminsky part and he said we did it in indiana yes we had a three or four thousand people i should three or four thousand people to the white sacks where we're playing this year but you know joe let's do it and that's what stars did you know what what happened was going to happen honestly i said to my gut to his face and i would do it but i didn't really want to do it because i thought ok i draw three thousand people which is a huge radio promotion right it's still going to look really champion there and i'm going to feel like i'm where i'm down there on the field in an army helmet i i try to get out of it several times they records are getting ready to be blown up we figured there be thirty five thousand i wouldn't enough cops for thirty five thousand throw was only off by you know sixty percent thirty five the little reason you even know how many people showed up for that a white starts every find it murray's find it so much so that they put an asterisk on fifty five thousand five hundred and fifty five which reserve all time record for bat night but there were close to sixty thousand people inside and another thirty to forty outside july twelfth nineteen seventy nine when this happened but you would only been in town for a very short time before that right i came to chicago in seventy eight guys who are d hear from detroit is doing really well right which wta ii that's the word that wta i was changes to disco dji.

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