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Florida. And then. I don't know if i've told the story before but either way what happened was so we end up getting arrested and then i'm coughed. And all that other shit and one family that was sitting on the other side it was a younger dude with two young children came over and was like hey it was the florida fans who did this and he was a florida fan in that section so they uncuffed us. Let us back up and we got back to the seats. They throughout both rose gone so they didn't get to see the game. Not only did you get knocked out. Your team won the national championship. So you've got to deal with the rest of your life because that was florida's last basketball championship. But then i get to enjoy the game with my father and an empty row so after beating people up i better as a man no nothing like i don't even know another day will top that and like for my dad. That's our. that's like a one bonding moment. Where like holy shit. It was too against fucking stairs not another day. No day in your life. And if jerry. If you're watching at home right now. I might. He might be two day love you. That was one of the funnest days. It'd be great fun stays in my life. I love you pops. So big big fan really does draw family together. You know brought us a lot closer that day but it was very similar to that where it was just. It was so many punches. I didn't know what was coming from. I just tried to knock as many people as i possibly could. And then the next thing you know. The police are the ninety because it was at a national championship. So there's a lot of police. It was bombarded like ninety police officers and they did their job. Not the police's fault. They did their job in the end. Yeah luckily somebody was honest about what happened that day and there was a couple of heroes left standing so i was really sore the next day though really sore but yeah you gotta use that that pushback technique that homeboy us because that's the only way to get them off their feet because they're not expecting it in the seats are only like yay high. So like you're going back immediately so pro you could hit. You could not my fucking probably not my fucking probably snag snaps like that. Could we've can manslaughter type. Shit sorry about it again. Not my faults so when you come talkin shit like that. Sometimes you meet your maker. And that's what happened that it's great great either way atlanta fans versus sons fans. Now we're gonna get to see some fucking real goddamn action there because atlanta fans dude or hard core like there there. I will say this right because the hawks have never been ever made the finals in our history never even wanna goddamn champ. That's not true. The saint louis hawks won a championship. And i believe that is a city that is nowhere near atlanta that i ever cared about before they moved to atlanta that's their loan nba championship. Yeah some respect in saint. Louis hawks my great grandparents were from fucking panja. I don't go around saying i'm paying gin or make people call me that. I'm an american. Just get ready for that fact to be info graphic one hundred fucking times but the atlanta fans that are there that have been waiting all this time one now that this is going on if they go to the finals that is a fucking powder keg waiting to go off against to fan bases who haven't won a championship. I don't even the sons. I've ever won a championship. Sons have never wanted change the city of both cities. I think only have one championship each in. Its both a random world series no now. Nfc atlanta see but the the braves won ninety five. I was there for that. Raise one ninety five. Oh my god. I'm gonna have to take my dad. He's watching shit. Okay is out tonight so hopefully trae young is playing. We will go up three to if we go this is. I'm gonna look down the barrel here jerry. If you're watching right now. The hawks go to the the finals. I'm gonna take you. i'm gonna need you. How manager guns are heads. I don't even give a shit that he's sixty eight. he's still got it. He's got the old man strength. i'm gonna take you there and we'll take on his many sons fans as possible if need be again not looking for trouble gbs not looking for it but if it finds us so be it you know so. Be it boy. Those two fan bases would be absolutely magic together. Powder keg worth excitements jacobs. You've a crime corner tonight. Jail yeah crime corner crime corner. Police removed group having extra schism for dead trees from home depot lumber. I'll now listen these. This is now the majority whereas like these. Weirdoes used to be minority right. All those hippies or whatever now this is what we're dealing with if more than fifty percent of the. Us police in pennsylvania had a rather strange call this week which looked to them which took them to the lumber. I'll a home depot store to respond to an extra schism for dead trees from group. Okay so each day. On facebook. Dickson city pennsylvania pennsylvania which i thought was strange right like i would think it was california oregon. I mean share list of 'cause they got from various places so one call in particular stood out earlier this week.

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