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World a new generation of conservatives. Benson show. in. our the guidance and show on this Wednesday thank you for listening. give me fail is going to be here tomorrow gasping for me as it's it's wedding we like it is game time. call in tomorrow as well for part of the show because Christine wants to do a toast on the air. that's coming up also later today on this show and the no the journalist who was attacked by anti for a few months ago in Portland he's gonna join me is there any update to a story. has there been a single arrest. of the NT four goons who sent into the hospital will ask him plus chase in Chile fitz will be here to talk about his new book called power grab. I'm broadcasting live from K. S. RO in Santa Rosa California really lovely studios here there are an affiliate of the show guidance and show airing on chaos sorrow and we're very very. pleased and grateful that they are able to accommodate me today and also wanted to once again reiterate a big welcome and hello to the listeners listeners rather of K. O. A. N. in anchorage Alaska they just joined the guy doesn't show affiliate family so hello Alaska Love Me some Alaska. absolutely beautiful part of the world. so as we've alluded to on numerous occasions and for those of you who are tired of it don't worry it's almost over I am getting married on Saturday will do probably a postgame recap situation. at some point next week Christine will be for better or for worse at this wedding social have her own opinions I need to do my best to give my own assessment I'm not sure I can be terribly objective about that but. in the meantime we are very much in the build up mode tomorrow will be going to the county office for the marriage license so that's like super real everyone starts to roll into town I think mostly tomorrow. and then there is the welcome party there's the rehearsal there's the rehearsal dinner Friday. in Saturday's game day I mean it is it is the wedding of course I scheduled it for a bye week for northwestern football because I did not want to have those two things conflict that is a true story is how my brain works. but as we get closer and closer I want you to write down the following toll free phone number to connect with us here at the show because I can be asking for some advice coming up at eight three three four five six thirteen hundred eight three three four five six one three zero zero I need to ask you that question here in a little bit but first let me pull in Christine our beloved producer who as she's just been bursting at the seams with curiosities because she flies out here tomorrow excuse me Friday I keep thinking today's Thursday as my my brain is on fast forward at the moment and I hear it gets even worse as you get closer and closer everything just flies by that's one of the things I'm actually worried about. but Christine you have questions you have curiosities I wanted to help address some of those here how come you haven't asked me for any advice. you know what I feel like just random callers might have more of the sort of wisdom that I'm person looking for. but. perhaps I will ask you for some advice would that make you happy yeah I mean I feel like you would know already what I'm gonna say but sure we could we could wait. in the meantime though what are you curious about have you read in your vows yet yes that's done so Kennedy our dear friend and fox news will be the efficient of the wedding and so she has the whole script we email that to her last week. John. now. am I cried the wedding. are you a crier at weddings I'm a crier in general then yes I think probably gonna cry couple times I've made you cry. zero action I was gonna say I don't think I've ever made you cry out of like being a meal was never never okay that's good I'm trying to think here's the thing I know you did ask for a price I'm gonna give it here okay. everybody kept saying to me and I'm sure a lot of people are saying this year when I got married. enjoy every moment don't you know don't get caught up in the drama of this or that like it take in every moment because it goes by so fast you don't want to forget anything so I spent that whole day just worrying that I wasn't taking in the moment so I worried it I took in the moment focus too much on that yeah like I would be dancing to my favorite eighty so I'm thinking I'm it okay do I have this in my brain is a something to remember or you know the vows or we had judging Apadana merry as I well I was so excited about that but just everything about the wedding yes I did take and I it was the second best day of my life. that being said I was very well read behind the launch of the guidance and show correct. answer yes I guess like a far you know failure daughter yes I guess you have a child and I think that is something that happened. but I was so worried about that so don't over so that you got in your it got in your hand don't overthink it I mean. what's not I mean what am I want to jinx anything that it's going to be just the most amazing day of your life and I think you will take it all and I think I think you're going to be a calm groom I think I'm going to be more correct than you are so. people calling for advice for me that would be great. the nerves are getting to be a little you know nervous yet for your big role of setting. and maybe crying so on the crying things so I will say this part of the ceremony. that we're doing this is it I thought a very cute idea that I picked up another wedding that I was and I said well I'm definitely gonna still that. the couple in in this case a rabbi asked the couple to write an email to the rabbi not see seeing not showing the other partner. she was going to write an email about why he loved his bride to be she wrote an email about why she loves my friend who I went to college with. Kerry and Natalie by the way shout out to them they're gonna be at the wedding as well this weekend and then the rabbi ran to these two notes these love notes basically out loud at the ceremony for the very first time the either put the other person either one of them has not heard it until that moment at the altar. and it was a very sweet thing so we're doing that but we want to keep it nice and short. so I want to be maybe like two three minutes at the most so I am staying with some friends here in northern California and the other night I put the finishing touches on my little statement and I read it out loud to my friend I answer to time and I came in right where it needed to be but she's not a super emotional person she got a little. misty eyed. so if she got a little bit teary I think you Christine. I need a Kleenex or two now when the guests arrive at the wedding yes who will be handed a glass of wine or champagne before the ceremony are you holding off are you holding out on us no booze. until after. see I. shortly a given everybody a glass of champagne right before yeah we're not we're not doing that we want a bunch of glasses like all over the lawn and it's just it's going to be short and sweet and to the point and then immediately the cocktail hour which ironically has no cocktails because. not a lot at how hard liquor it's one country so the rules of these both venues that were using one for the rehearsal dinner and then one for the wedding itself there vineyards they're wineries are like you can use our wine. no other outside one without permission. and no hard liquor period so that's sort of narrowed our options and saved us some money I think to so you what you wanted to bring in like they wouldn't supply a bar for you I mean what if a girl I don't know say like so I mean I don't know who but since they like a Cosmo martini she's gonna have to smuggle it in in her various flasks I think she might get caught with their first flashed me her second class which you have multiple backup flasks knowing this hypothetical person but there is an update actually on the alcohol front. yeah this is sort of facet yes like a minor alert here where we were. not okay so definitely for bitten hard liquor definitely allowed wine for obvious reasons is when one country. and then the great fairy was beer where they stand you're allowed to have beer if you really want it we don't encourage it but if you want you can bring in here and we have decided now we're not gonna do it we're spending enough money on one anyway it's one country worsen a stick with wine. over the last few days there was a small I would say pressure campaign from the future in laws concerned about people like for example your own husband Bobby people who might not like wine or drink wine which I find odd because we have four different types of one plus champagne but some people that wouldn't satisfy they were concerned about that could there be beer drinkers they also made the point correctly yes some people drinking beer that means they're going to drink a lot less wind that's going to save us money as well totally so we have decided that there will in fact be beer that is a new change last minute there from Colorado and I think they know the course family a little bit through various kind of like charity stuff through the years so we will have cores and Coors light ness that while my brothers would be for my brother love scores for whatever reason I have no issue with cores like I to me like Miller lite verses bud light versus course I think whatever but we will have some course so hopefully that good news for Bobbi will be happy with us that is going to be very good news for Bobbi very very good news well good I'm glad I could give you a little piece of. have been used to bring back to I mean I was going to bring this up to you this is our big day and I felt like there wasn't any you know give or take their on that there is no compromise you feel like you didn't get enough input on by one in now and we've been planning this for over a year. some items we you weren't even sure that you're coming into like a month ago. inviting me until three months ago. and sometimes I have these I have these concerns that's another thing have you had any what's your biggest concern right now about producer Christine and so Christine hot my mother by the way you thought it was a genius idea of me holding that poster saying like Hey here comes the guy three to six PM tune in at least that is what a mother is supposed to do is support her child no matter how stupid their idea might be I just live live for your dreams Christine that's what mom says like maybe bags of rice I could hand out you know like when or do okay I had a program is there a program being there is a program they do not need to be handed out I think they're gonna be on the chairs I can hand them out to people I could go walk down the aisle before. it's very kind of you but but now it's just gonna be. show up enjoy yourself but not too much because we don't want someone passed out in the vines. mainly it. have a little sticky. so here's what I want to do because I am like quite serene and I've been quite serene. for the whole lead up but everyone tells me. on the day itself and you're getting dressed in all this stuff in the photography and you actually see the venue and the chairs are line and all of that. you're gonna start to get nervous. so and then the other thing and you alluded to this Christine people say it goes by in a blur it's just like you snap your fingers and it's gone and you've spent all this energy and time and attention and money on this single day and it's almost like it time moves so fast so you don't really get a chance to enjoy it so here's what I'm curious four from the audience is that imagine many of you guys are married or have been married you've gone through the wedding thing not as an observer not in the wedding actually the bride or the groom. my questions are do you have any advice for me when the butterflies get going today have to calm the nerves and also is there just more broadly advice that you either got that was helpful to you before.

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