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To order the shift to virtual learning until mid January Kate Brian W TOP news WTO pia 1218 Try to figure whether all the 8s rich hunters and the WTO P traffic center I had a bunch of stuff going on right now and the weather isn't helping at this point We'll start you off in the district rock creek Parkway shut down in boat directions essentially between the Roosevelt bridge and the memorial bridge and that includes Parkway driving parts of Ohio drive as well that as a result of a serious crash down on earth investigation Authorities just arriving on the scene of a crash and I two 95 north on its suit and Parkway looks like it may be on the ramp to suit them Parkway but it can be careful and clear what is currently blocked but there is a heavy response out there as a result In Northern Virginia over in fairfax county right near the Arlington county line chain bridge road Virginia one 23 closed between glee broad and the chain bridge and Mary ridgeway which is just to the north of the George Washington Parkway Again that due to fire department activity with a large structure fire then a heavy response on scene from fairfax Arlington and Montgomery county So at this point expect to be redirected each way as a result you won't be able to continue through on chamber drove now the direction as a result of the closures Now if you're traveling on the bellboy in Virginia earlier crash on the Alou near telegraph road and the local lanes gone still working on the interloop as you head towards George avenue two lanes to ride eventually get you by That works on rich hundred W two traffic Another chilly day out there and the wind is going to be a factor on your Wednesday Wind chills in the 30s all day as temperatures climb into the 40s under plenty of sunshine on Thursday partly sunny less.

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