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The bottom line for small business i'm rob also for ten ten wins forty eight funding for the gateway tunnel took some steps forward a key senate committee okayed funds for the project involving a new tunnel under the hudson river and you portal bridge to across the hackensack river all this despite the president's opposition the senate's appropriations committee approved seventy one point four billion dollar plan for the twelve months kicking off october i like the current spending bill there's no specific allocation for gateway but instead for some accounts of project can tap into from here the senate and house have to hammer out a single bill that includes common ground wins news time twelve forty nine president trump is in singapore at this hour ahead of the meeting with north korean leader kim jong un storage summit sucks when the one on one with trans slater's one us official says he'll meet up for up to two hours the president scheduled to meet with singapore's prime minister ahead of a summit with the north korean leader the security presence is enormous here around the hotel where kim jong only staying and sweeping the hotel grounds were president trump is singapore of course the setting for this summit now thrust onto the world stage they will meet at the capella hotel on santosa island sin tosa meeting piece entering quality david muir reporting the president was received by singapore's prime minister lee and we'll keep you posted on that keep it here on ten ten wins and ten ten wins dot com for more on this still developing story a war of words in the wake of the g seven summit calling them quote false statements by canadian prime minister justin trudeau the president did let loose and unprecedented attack on the us ally white house chief economic adviser larry cudlow said the us had to pull out of a joint g seven statement because according to him trudeau at quote stabbed us in the back and he holds a press conference and he said the us this is insulting he said canada has to stand up for itself he says we are the problem with tariffs would the factual the non factual part of this was they have enormous tariffs cnn state of the union the president apparently wants the g seven to become.

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