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Very hostile wealth creation people go would elect on from accidents it happened because my mentor letters my wife change because my metrics nathalie who are in your mentors i said well there's a lot of them but a lot of in the most significant new got me thinking differently lawn robert hue sake and it was all your friends with robert snarky well he employees me walk before we ever talked and we cost me about 15 bucks in the form of a book and it was great step toward that you know and i read careful quarter which for me was even more significant it kinda like oh i see how it works and you know the thing about it is that we all have these great meant wars like you or watering available her not much more than a a mill at a fastfood west clock that can change our lives if we believe it absolutely do what's in there that's where economic education beginners who really cost tens of thousands of dollars of blowout and potential financial ruin it really cost a few books and willing to believe in yourself well i appreciate the complemented because that's that's why i do the work i appreciate it but as i said you know what the school teach us about money and the answer is nothing we have to talk about economics and they treat economic for some kind of science which it should be but economists are not scientists most of them are swayed by the political officers in our they have to do what the boss telephone mps do they got five look at the federal reserve bank they have more economist with pitch today is than any other organisation in america and most of them only work for the fed because they can't get a job on wall street when whom that's right that's right restaurant overall money uh no question about it and you know i've talked about this many times over the years and now i think the whole situation with higher education uh you know i was.

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